Will smoking marijuana during pregnancy harm the child?

There is no evidence that marijuana causes obvious birth defects. And this fact may be contributing to the impression that it’s safe to use during pregnancy.

But “it is not a benign substance,” warns Dr. Erin Lurie, a fellow in addictions medicine at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

A growing body of research suggests that exposure to marijuana in the womb has other, more subtle, effects – especially on the developing brain. In a nutshell, it may increase the baby’s risk of learning difficulties, impulsiveness and inattention, as well as other behavioural and mental-health problems later in life.

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Separate research teams in Ottawa and Pittsburgh have carried out the longest-running studies on the children of women who smoked pot during pregnancy.

The Ottawa study began in 1978, with the recruitment of about 600 pregnant women mostly from middle-class backgrounds. Some of the women had smoked marijuana; others smoked tobacco; still others used marijuana and tobacco; the rest abstained from both substances. The amount of marijuana consumed, and the duration of their use, varied from woman to woman. Their offspring have undergone extensive testing at regular intervals into adulthood. A select sample from the offspring continues to be followed up.

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The Pittsburgh study started in 1982, and also included about 600 mothers, although most were from low-income backgrounds.

Both these studies, plus other research, point to the same conclusions. “I think the similar results lend a lot of credence to our findings,” says the lead researcher of the Ottawa study, Peter Fried, professor emeritus in the department of psychology at Carleton University.

In particular, the studies indicate that marijuana affects certain aspects of executive functioning, which primarily take place in the brain’s prefrontal cortex.

Executive functioning “enables you to make decisions and anticipate the consequences of your actions,” explains Fried.

Marijuana also impairs attention and visual problem solving – for example, doing something as ordinary as a jigsaw puzzle.

As well, “the lack of sustained attention usually means they can’t inhibit themselves from doing other things.” This can translate into impulsive behaviour.

Fried says some of the effects of marijuana exposure are not immediately apparent in newborns. It wasn’t until the children were four years old that cognitive testing revealed significant differences in the executive functioning of offspring of mothers who smoked dope, compared to kids of abstaining moms.


Marijuana Legal In India?

In the Indian context, marijuana is mostly considered as being of recreational use, but it is not just that. Recreational use is probably true for not more than 5%; for the rest, it has medicinal purposes. The cannabis plant has tremendous amount of medicinal value and its potential for industrial usage can hardly be overstated. China is investing a few billion dollars in developing different strains of the marijuana plant towards several objectives. It has proper factories for processing marijuana. Many countries have developed fabrics. It has unlimited usage in diverse fields, including in the field of semiconductors.

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The cannabis plant is something natural to India, especially the northern hilly regions. It has the potential of becoming a cash crop for poor marginal farmers. If proper research is done and cultivation of marijuana encouraged at an official level, it can gradually become a source of income for poor people with small landholdings. That is one part. The other part is, even if you are growing paddy, you can grow marijuana on the margins.

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India should ideally focus on marijuana’s medicinal use. It is known to help people with eye ailments, cancer, and joint pain. Incidentally, China is also doing a lot of research on marijuana for cancer cure. Marijuana does not cure cancer but it reportedly stops cancer from spreading.


Nevada Sells Out Of Legal Weed

Less than two weeks after sales of recreational marijuana kicked off in Nevada, stores are running out of pot to sell, according to the state’s Department of Taxation.

On Friday, Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed the department’s call for a “statement of emergency,” which would allow for more licensed distributors.

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There were 50 Dispensaries in the state that have licenses to legally sell recreational marijuana. However those retailers do not have the legal right to re stock there own inventory. Only wholesalers of alcohol have the exclusive rights to move marijuana from growers to retailers in Nevada, as part of a temporary court order.

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Nevada is the only state with legal marijuana that has such an arrangement.

As of Friday, the Department of Taxation had issued zero distribution licenses to alcohol wholesalers, because of incomplete applications and zoning issues, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

Dispensaries started selling the marijuana they had in stock on July 1. Several establishments had expected to run out in the coming days.

A statement of emergency could bring relief. The regulation would allow the department to issue distribution licenses to a larger pool of applicants, including those outside the alcohol business. The Nevada Tax Commission is expected to vote on the regulation on Thursday.

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The state of Nevada should have no problem finding dispensaries that would want to sell recreational marijuana. I would assume there is a line up of people/store owners who would love to have the chance to sell. I believe there was 50 licensed who were given the opportunity, I imagine that the others on the list are still waiting anxiously.

Stephanie Klapstein, a spokeswoman for the Department of Taxation, told the Reno Gazette-Journal that a collapsed marijuana market would have far-reaching consequences. A 15% tax on the cultivation of marijuana generates revenue that the state spends on public education.

“A halt in this market will lead to a hole in the state’s school budget,”

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Cannabis For Stress & Anxiety

With a global increase of medical marijuana use to treat health conditions, advocates and studies are showing that medical marijuana can be used to treat anxiety disorders. Advocates believe that the chemical makeup of cannabis can be beneficial in treating anxiety, while others argue that it can actually cause anxiety.

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Medical marijuana has been used for centuries to treat depression and other medical conditions. More than 400 years ago, cannabis was used to treat depression in India and has since been studied and analyzed to determine the medical benefits and disadvantages for patients. Today, many states across America have legalized the use of medical marijuana, but usage still remains illegal under U.S. federal law.

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When taking a close look at medical studies and results of medical marijuana used to treat anxiety, it’s evident that the chemical makeup, specifically the presence of the chemical compound Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is the main ingredient to treat anxiety. Another compound, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, can prevent nausea and vomiting in cancer patients, but may have a reverse affect on treatment for anxiety.

Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis, is the use of cannabis and its chemical compounds to treat illnesses, diseases and improve symptoms.

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The cannabis plant has historically been used worldwide to treat illness and health conditions. The American Medical Association and other medical organizations strongly oppose its use for medical reasons, but the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that the use of medical cannabinoids, the natural compounds that make up the genetics of medical marijuana, can be a therapy for a number of medical conditions, but do not recommend use until more research is complete.

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There are 85 natural compounds in cannabis, known as cannabinoids, which all relieve symptoms of illness by attaching to the receptors in the brain that look for similar compounds that occur naturally in the human body. Strains of medical marijuana are specifically bred to contain particular levels of each compound recommended for different conditions.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the cannabis compound that has found to have significant benefits for treating people with anxiety. CBD-rich cannabis can be treated for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and anti-spasm affects. CBD does not make people feel “stoned” or “high,” and can actually counteract the anxiety-driven tendencies of THC. CBD is one 85 natural compounds found in cannabis. It is a major element, making up 40 percent of the plant’s extract and has a wider medical benefit than THC.

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The other popular compound to treat medical conditions is tetrahydrocannibinol, or THC, and can be used to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, reduce seizures stimulate appetite, lower blood pressure and is an anti-depressant.



Canada’s Recreational Bill And Stocks Could Be In Trouble

there’s quite a bit of opposition to Canada’s recreational marijuana legalization efforts, and it could wind up pushing Trudeau’s legislation off the table altogether.

Though Canada’s current government make-up could reasonably be described as “progressive,” conservative members of Parliament could make legalization far more challenging than people and investors realize.

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there’s quite a bit of opposition to Canada’s recreational marijuana legalization efforts, and it could wind up pushing Trudeau’s legislation off the table altogether.

Though Canada’s current government make-up could reasonably be described as “progressive,” conservative members of Parliament could make legalization far more challenging than people and investors realize.

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Another primary issue involves how impairment for drivers behind the wheel will be measured. Though there are a handful of companies developing breathalyzer tests that can detect levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis, in drivers, there are no baselines to describe what would be considered an unacceptable level of impairment. For instance, a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher in the U.S. is considered impaired for a driver. There aren’t any guidelines for marijuana use, which makes resolving the concerns of lawmakers exceptionally challenging.

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If Canada is unable to get its recreational weed bill passed into law, Canadian marijuana stocks, which have risen considerably in anticipation of an expected legalization, could quickly lose the wind from their sails. The four, in particular, that are at greatest risk of having their valuations take a hit are Canopy Growth Corp. Aphria, Aurora Cannabis and MedReleaf.

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Health Canada also announced changes to its medical cannabis program in May that could have negative implications for the four Canadian marijuana stocks listed above. Health Canada plans to issue additional growing licenses, as well as allow existing producers to pack their vaults with supply, assuming it can be done safely and securely. In other words, it sounds as if extra competition and supply are on the verge of flooding the Canadian market. That’s not good news for any of these four companies.

Long story short, Canadian marijuana stock investors may soon wind up sorely disappointed.

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Toronto Police Raid Canna Clinic Marijuana Dispensaries

Police have conducted raids on at least two marijuana dispensaries operated in Toronto by Canna Clinics. The raids happened mid-morning at the B.C.-based company’s stores on Queen St. W. and Kensington Ave.

Canna Clinics has seven locations in Toronto. Toronto police did not immediately confirm how many of the company’s dispensaries had been raided.

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A bar owner near the Kensington clinic said police came around 10 a.m. Customers were let go before police closed the store.

Officers at the scene said they were going to arrest the staff members and seize all illegal drugs. A number of people who appeared to be employees were seen leaving the store around midday. One was crying, and others looked defeated and resigned.

At the Queen St. W. store, Det. Darren Worth said nine employees were detained. Worth said all of them had been arrested, and that police would seize “all the illegal drugs” and the proceeds from sales. Customers continued to arrive at the store while the raid was underway, but were turned away by police.

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A man who was working there when police arrived said the officers seized all the staff members’ phones, and didn’t return them when the workers were released.

“I think it’s a big waste of time and money,” said the employee, who would only identify himself as Derek. Staff members leaving the Queen St. store said they expected it would be open again by tomorrow.

“We do know we take a risk by working here,” said Laura Glatt, who has been working at the clinic for about a month. “Me personally, I’m all for the risk because I believe in the medicinal aspect of it.”

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Glatt said she understands the police officers are just doing their job, but thinks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs a better strategy as Canada moves toward legalization of marijuana. “All that’s happening right now is people are getting hurt.”

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Personally she uses marijuana for depression, sleeping disorder and eating disorder. She said it will be “maybe a couple of days” before the store reopens.

“I just think it’s sort of ridiculous, a waste of resources.”


Mexico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

The President, Enrique Pena Nieto, has officially published a bill allowing its use for health and scientific purposes. The bill was passed in April, with an overwhelming 371 members of the Lower House of Congress voting in favour, with only 19 politicians voting against or abstaining. It also received popular support from the Mexican Senate in December, with 98 senators voting to pass the bill and seven voting against.

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It also establishes that industrial products with concentrations of one percent THC or less would be legal to buy, sell, import and export.Recreational use of marijuana remains broadly prohibited in Mexico. But President Nieto – once staunchly anti-drugs – has called for a global rethink towards narcotics. He said they should be viewed through a public health lens which doesn’t criminalise users.

Peña Nieto’s decree effectively eliminates the criminalization of the medicinal use of cannabis, THC, CBD, and all cannabis derivatives, as well as legalizing the production and distribution of cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic uses.

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“The ruling eliminates the prohibition and criminalization of acts related to the medicinal use of marijuana and its scientific research, and those relating to the production and distribution of the plant for these purposes,” stated the Lower House of Parliament, known as La Cámara de Diputados.

This week, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) held their Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in Oakland, California, welcoming over 75 speakers from all aspects of America’s fastest growing industry. Of all the distinguished guests at the fourth annual conference, the most notable was surely Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who was honored as the keynote speaker.

vicente fox oakland

Fox’s keynote address touched on the need for an open global trade market for cannabis to allow the industry to reach its full potential, also demonstrating how the legalization of adult-use cannabis in his home country could end the intense violence caused by the cartels and illegal markets.

But it was the former President of Mexico’s comments during a separate press conference at the NCIA event that had the ears of reporters perking up.

On President Trump, Fox accused the administration of being “so crazy and so ignorant about what is going on in the world” and called the President himself “a disruptor” and “destroyer” of social progress globally. “The world is moving, and it’s moving in the right direction,” added Fox. “If anything, we don’t need America to be great — we need a great world.”

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Fox told reporters that Trump is “blind” and his “white, middle-class male” supporters shouldn’t be interpreting his perspective as their own world view. Fox added that Trump should not be imposing his will on the American people through executive orders.



When Weed Is Legal, Can I Smoke A Joint Anywhere?

I am a long-time closeted cannabis user and I am looking forward to the legalization of pot next summer. But until then, my question has to do with my rights as a home owner and a pot smoker versus the rights of my neighbour to not smell said marijuana. Now, I don’t spend the whole day out there smoking, just one joint here or there. Yesterday afternoon, they smelled my J and proceeded to speak loudly to each other within earshot of me as to how rude this is. Is it rude Dave? Am I allowed to indulge in a smoke in my own yard? Legalization is going to change how much smoke you smell walking down the street, I think it’s already changed. Whether we want it or not it’s coming … stinky smoke and all. Who’s got the right though?

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Once it becomes legal weed smoke will be flowing through the air. I believe that over the next few decades that frowned upon look will slowly go away and people wont be so rude when they smell it. You think I like inhaling and smelling your cigarette smell while im trying to enjoy myself?? Hell NO!! But I don’t say what i’m feeling when people smoke. No because its legal you have your own right to do whatever you like. Just like me.

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When you think about it, weed is just like alcohol in terms of how it was illegal for so long and then it became legal and the industry absolutely blew up! Brewers and producers have produced good product. Is that what it will be like? Will there be a Molson Canadian Weed? Heiniken Marijuana?

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Funny to think that it can happen. Why would it be any different?? It can be the evolution of what we can expect in the next 100 years.

Check out BuyWeedOnline.ca For Rules and Restrictions



Advertisement High school: Marijuana sommelier program offered in Colorado

A marijuana aficionado in Colorado has launched a program he hopes will make the title of cannabis interpener as familiar as wine sommelier, cheesemonger and chocolatier.

Max Montrose, the 29-year-old president and co-founder of the Trichrome Institute in Denver, said he designed the niche curriculum, which teaches students how to become marijuana experts, after he became fed up with the inconsistent quality and improper naming rampant in the blossoming industry.

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Montrose defines interpening as the practice of assessing the quality and psychotropic effects of a cannabis flower using only sight and smell.

Cannabis has grown increasingly mainstream in recent years. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Five other states plus Washington D.C. have since followed suit, and the Canadian government says it plans to legalize the drug by next summer.

Montrose said the word interpening, pronounced in-TER’-puh-ning, comes from a hybrid of “interpreting terpenes.” Terpenes are what give marijuana its distinct aroma, he explained.

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The courses are modeled after the wine sommelier program. Level one involves a 3.5-hour lecture and costs about C$220, while the second level costs about $335 and includes the lecture as well as a sight-and-smell workshop, followed by a test.

For the exam, students must take 10 jars of unlabelled cannabis and identify the five that are unacceptable because of problems like pest and mould and say why, then order the remaining five samples from most stimulating to most sedating.

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Level three is still being finalized, but so far it is invite only and consists of an essay on the horticulture and history of cannabis as well as dissecting buds and training in hashish, an extract of the cannabis plant, Montrose said.

Fewer than half the students who take the test pass, he said, adding that distinguishing between a couple of subtly different strains of cannabis can be as delicate as distinguishing between two feelings in the nose that are millimetres apart.


Justin Trudeau Legalizing Marijuana

It’s been 100 years. 100 years of prohibition on Marijuana. A Prohibition in which no one knows or understands why it was prohibited in the first place. A plant that has done wonders for medical patients suffering from pain, anxiety, parkinsons, insomnia, stress, upset stomach etc. Why Prohibit something that has always done good?

As soon as Justin Trudeau came into office he had said that he was going to follow the USA and start the process of legalizing Marijuana. We are 1 year and 15 days away from history. We are 1 year and 15 days away from the legalization of Marijuana!

Justin Trudeau To Legalize Weed in Canada

But before American youngsters crash  Canada’s immigration website again, Trudeau warned the drug is still illegal until the legislation passes. “Until we have a framework to control and regulate marijuana, the current laws apply,” he said earlier this month. And legalization will have strict federal guidelines.

The federal government will oversee the supply and license producers, but provinces will regulate the drug’s distribution, sale, and prices. There will also be a limit of four plants per household. The national age for buying marijuana will be 18, but provinces can boost the age limit as they see fit.

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But law enforcement groups voiced concerns about legalization. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police released a response in February outlining “concerns with regards to impaired driving and impact on organized crime.” It added “public education is critical and should begin immediately” as the government paves the way for legalization.

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Trudeau’s push for legalization caught political flak from other parties, even parties on the left who fear it could turn into another one of Trudeau’s broken promises. “I do not believe Justin Trudeau is going to bring in the legalization of marijuana and as proof that … we are still seeing, particularly young Canadians being criminalized by simple possession of marijuana,” said British Columbia MP Peter Julian of the left-leaning New Democratic Party.

Read another article on Trudeau’s quest to legalize Marijuana


Senate Responds Back To Jeff Sessions Which Will End Marijuana Prohibition!

Congress took a step toward easing its stance on medical marijuana on Thursday.

U.S. Sens. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Corey Booker (D-New Jersey) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) introduced a bill that would end the federal prohibition of medical marijuana and take steps to improve research.

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The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States, or CARERS, Act would effectively change the Controlled Substances Act, allowing the possession, production and distribution of medical marijuana in states with established marijuana laws.

Jeff Sessions came out yesterday and made an announcement wanting to end the search for Medical Marijuana. Why he is so against it I am not sure. There is probably someone in the background who controls all this who wants them to not end the Medical Marijuana prohibition.

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Twenty-nine states, as well as the District of Columbia, have already legalized marijuana, but the CARERS Act would prevent the federal government from prosecuting businesses and individuals in states where medical marijuana is legal, since federally marijuana is still illegal under the Controlled Substances Act.

Yesterday the senate passed a bill increasing sanctions on Russia for interfering with our election and blocked trump from lifting sanctions.

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Today they show Sessions what they think of his nonsense.

The Senate has been a green light for Medical Marijuana. It seems as though it is just Jeff Sessions that has the problem with the whole thing. He stated that marijuana is more addicting and harmful than heroin.

Where does he get his facts and information from??

Sessions asked Congress in May to allow the Justice Department to prosecute businesses and individuals in states with medical marijuana laws

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Mayweather VS. McGregor! It’s ON!!!

Here it is folks. The most anticipated fight in a very long time. Boxing merges with the UFC in all for one battle of the greats.

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From the UFC the new face of MMA, Connor McGregor. The guy you love to hate and hate to love. But he has a heart of a lion like a true Irishman he fights till the end.

Then from Boxing the man who is considered as the all time great. 49-0, his own boss, the richest man in sports the pound for pound king, Floyd Money Mayweather!!!

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Earlier today the long-awaited boxing superfight between all-time great Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was announced for August 26 in Las Vegas and with a fight of this magnitude, it didn’t take long for the promotional material to come rolling out.

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Though there have been many fan-made promotional posters for the rumored bout, Showtime Boxing released the official poster for Mayweather-McGregor earlier today. The poster features three separate images of each combatant, their faces in traditional fight poster representation as well images of each man after victory and at press events.

On TV, UFC president Dana White then revealed the bout between undefeated Mayweather and MMA superstar McGregor would take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas and be at light-middleweight.

White said: “The impossible deal is now done. We’ve been in negotiations for a while.

“It’ll be in a ring, it’s a boxing event.

“Conor McGregor is a guy who’s done a lot of good things for the sport and this company and he wanted this and the fans too.

Read The Hype Here


Pregnancy And Marijuana

This question has been asked a lot recently. Would Marijuana help you ease into pregnancy?

When woman go through pregnancy there body goes through massive changes and are willing to try anything to feel better or even to keep food down. Even if you’re having a Chicken Sandwich from Cactus Club and you can’t keep that delicious burger down you would be willing to try anything. Some woman have because they were so uncomfortable and it made them feel amazing. However, is marijuana good for you while being pregnant??


Some midwives recommend occasional marijuana use during pregnancy to treat morning sickness or decrease anxiety. After all, eating healthy foods to gain weight and staying stress-free are essential to having a healthy pregnancy. But since the active drug in marijuana (tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC) changes all sorts of processes in the adult body from heart rate to brain function there’s good reason to believe it will also affect t a growing baby. When marijuana is smoked or ingested by a pregnant woman, pot and THC cross the placenta and enter a fetus’ bloodstream, so you’re essentially sharing the drug with your baby.


There was a study done in Australia that was among 25,000 mothers who did use marijuana occasionally during their births. The results showed that the baby were twice as likely end up in neonatal intensive care unit compared to other babies. 44 cases looking at marijuana use during pregnancy found that pot use during pregnancy makes baby 77 percent more likely to be underweight at birth. And an analysis of 12,069 women found that women who smoked pot and cigarettes during pregnancy were more likely to have babies with smaller heads and low birth weight.

In general, health care practitioners agree that marijuana probably doesn’t directly cause physical birth defects. However I think 100% of woman no matter what the statistics say are thinking of their baby instead of themselves. Even if there was a 1% chance that something would happen to your baby no one would take the chance.



Former Marijuana Officer and Entrepreneur Busted In Drug Trafficking

A former Colorado marijuana enforcement officer and a marijuana entrepreneur are among those accused of being involved with a large trafficking ring that shipped pot out of state.

Former pot officer Renee Rayton, Scott Pack and two growers were indicted June 7 by a grand jury, joining 16 others indicted in connection with the ring in March. Pack’s businesses had marijuana licenses but allegedly never made a legal sale, serving instead as a front for the trafficking operation.


Investigators say Rayton, a former Pitkin County sheriff’s deputy, was hired away from her job at the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division in the fall of 2016 by Pack to work as a compliance consultant for $8,000 a month for six months. Rayton, whose job at the state included inspecting warehouses for compliance with regulations, allegedly refused to say where she was going and was earning money from the operation within about two weeks of leaving, according to the indictment. State licensing policies require regulators to wait six months before working in industries they once regulated.

Rayton, who was arrested and released on bond, and Pack, who is wanted for arrest, could not be reached for comment.


The ring allegedly shipped pot to Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota and Missouri because investigators say many of those involved had personal and business connections in those states.

Investigators say the marijuana was grown across Colorado but most came from warehouses and farms in Colorado Springs, Denver and Elizabeth, a small town between those cities.


It’s pretty simple to build a weed empire when you’re the officer in that industry. You know the producers, the dealers, the buyers etc. Its very simple from that aspect. With Marijuana being such a massive industry its no wonder that people are flocking more towards it. Being a business professional and starting a legal licensed company is probably the best way to do it. That way you have 1 foot through the door already.


Science Kicks Jeff Sessions In The Ass!

Since a few days ago Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, had made an announcement that he wanted to crack down on Medical Marijuana. He had stated that there was no proof that Medical Marijuana could help and that it is highly addictive and will cause more damage in the long run.

Amid a drug crisis that kills 91 people in the US each day, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked Congress to help roll back protections that have shielded medical marijuana dispensaries from federal prosecutors since 2014, according to a letter made public this week. Those legal controls which bar Sessions’s Justice Department from funding crackdowns on the medical cannabis programs legalized by 29 states and Washington, D.C. jeopardize the DoJ’s ability to combat the country’s “historic drug epidemic” and control dangerous drug traffickers, the attorney general wrote in the letter sent to lawmakers.


The catch, however, is that this epidemic is one of addiction and overdose deaths fueled by opioids—heroin, fentanyl and prescription painkillers—not marijuana. In fact, places where the U.S. has legalized medical marijuana have lower rates of opioid overdose deaths.

A review of the scientific literature indicates marijuana is far less addictive than prescription painkillers. A 2016 survey from University of Michigan researchers, published in the The Journal of Pain, found that chronic pain suffers who used cannabis reported a 64 percent drop in opioid use as well as fewer negative side effects and a better quality of life than they experienced under opioids. In a 2014 study reported in JAMA The Journal of the American Medical Association, the authors found that annual opioid overdose deaths were about 25 percent lower on average in states that allowed medical cannabis compared with those that did not.


And a significant number of pain sufferers would apparently prefer to use medical marijuana instead of prescription painkillers. A study  published in July 2016 in Health Affairs explored what happened to Medicare painkiller prescriptions after states green-lighted medical marijuana laws, and found that a typical physician in a state with medical cannabis prescribed 1,826 fewer painkiller doses for Medicare patients in a given year—because seniors instead turned to medical pot. There were also hundreds fewer doses prescribed for antidepressants, anti-nausea medications and antianxiety drugs.


The Secret Service Can Now Smoke Marijuana

t has become so difficult for the U.S. Secret Service to find recruits that have never before experimented with marijuana that the agency’s new director, Randolph Alles, has thrown his hands in air on the issue, announcing last week that he has relaxed the drug policy for potential new hires.

During a recent press briefing, Mr. Alles, who has been at the top of the agency for less than three months, told reporters that it has become necessary for the Secret Service to be a little more lenient when it comes to dealing with job candidates that may have used marijuana at some point in the past.


It is for that reason that, as of last month, the agency’s drug policy has been revamped to not immediately disqualify a candidate with a history of cannabis use. Instead, the Secret Service is now giving consideration to the length of time a person has refrained from using the herb when reviewing his or her application.
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For example, applicants younger than 24 are only required to show they haven’t used marijuana for a period of 12-months. Other candidates, 28-years or older, are expected to be pot-free for at least five years.


Although the agency will no longer discount candidates who admit to smoking a little weed, Alles said the agency would still maintain a strict interview process, which includes a polygraph and an extensive background check.

Even some of the best athletes have had pot in there lives before. These days its hard to find anyone that doesn’t have any pot in them. I also believe that the age restriction is very fair. When Cannabis becomes legal at least they will have this policy already going on.


This article is such a positive feedback towards marijuana as the plant is soon going to be legal and end this 100 year prohibition.



The King Falls As Golden State Take Back NBA Crown

It is the most hyped and exciting NBA rivalry in a very long time. Almost like the Lakers vs Celtics in the 80s. The battle between these 2 teams in the last 3 years has been incredible. Golden State won the crown in 2015. Last year we saw the Lebron James and the Cavs fight back from a 3-1 deficit to be crowned NBA Champions.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

Golden State had been shocked along with the entire continent. So in the off season they signed Kevin Durant in a controversial move from the Oklahoma City Thunder. They did not disappoint. proving over and over again they have what it takes to be Champions.

They entered the series going 12-0. A perfect streak that was hard to break. The Cavaliers were able to win 1 game however there was no match for the Warriors last night.


Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both put up massive numbers. The cavaliers kept fighting back but there was no match for the shooting and depth from the Warriors.

As the final whistle blew Lebron embraced the players and there winnings and walked back to the change room. The warriors on the other hand were all looking to the sky as they finally had there title back.


Kevin Durant was the main attraction. After already losing in the finals before he has wanted one for so long. Seeing him celebrate with his mom was very special. They signed him for a reason. He did not just help them win the title he was also the finals MVP. Did he ever deserve it! Durant was so clutch with his shooting and play making it was a real treat to see him out there.

As the season closes we look forward to another season and another great NBA playoffs and finals next season. Will Golden State keep this dynasty or will the King rise again?


Pittsburgh Penguins Repeat As Stanley Cup Champions!

For the first time in nearly 2 decades one team has won back to back Stanley Cup Championships!

Something you don’t see to much of in sports is a dynasty like the way it used to be back in the day. The Edmonton Oilers back in the 80s, the 1990s Chicago Bulls, Manchester United in the 90s and 2000s, Spain international soccer team in the 2000s, Los Angeles Lakers etc. But recently the competition has spread out and that makes it more exciting as a sports fan.

However Real Madrid, the spanish soccer giants have completed the double by winning there 2nd consecutive champions league title last week.

Jun 11, 2017; Nashville, TN, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins players celebrate after defeating the Nashville Predators game six of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final at Bridgestone Arena. The Penguins win the Stanley Cup. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-359429 ORIG FILE ID: 20170611_jel_db4_231.jpg

ever since the Penguins signed Sidney Crosby back in 2005 the goal was to take this 18 year old wonder and make him the greatest hockey player in the world and to have massive success within the organization.

They have won 3 stanley cup championships in 8 years. Maybe not as much as they hoped for but 3 is great. Especially when the Chicago Blackhawks have also won 3 stanley cups in that time.

The game had started out like every other game in the finals. Exciting, fast paced, and nothing but intensity. There was a moment in the 2nd period that had some controversy. The Nashville Predators had scored and made it 1-0 however the referee immediately waived the goal off as he blew the whistle before the puck had gone in. But why did he blow the whistle? After the initial shot was made i guess the Referee had thought it was covered and blew the whistle. The crowd which was full with 18,000 Nashville fans was in complete shock and felt they were cheated.

NASHVILLE, TN – JUNE 11: Sidney Crosby #87 of the Pittsburgh Penguins shakes hands with P.K. Subban #76 of the Nashville Predators after winning Game Six of the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final 2-0 at the Bridgestone Arena on June 11, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 700056240 ORIG FILE ID: 695040424

In the 3rd period with 1:35 left in the game Pittsburgh had found there way past Pika Renne and was on there way to a 2nd Stanley Cup!

Crosby got started on quite a championship roll in the last 39 months. The Cole Harbour, N.S., kid has won Olympic gold, a world championship, a World Cup of Hockey, a World Cup of Hockey MVP, two Stanley Cups and two Conn Smythe trophies in the past 1,205 days.

It is quite the accomplishment to win the hardest cup in sports 2 years in a row. There is no other sport that comes close of the intensity, heart, passion, blood, sweat that goes into a sport then Playoff Hockey. Players play with broken bones, stitches and anything else. They jump infront of a rubber puck that is traveling 105 km/hr.

NASHVILLE, TN – JUNE 11: Sidney Crosby #87 of the Pittsburgh Penguins celebrates with the Stanley Cup Trophy after they defeated the Nashville Predators 2-0 to win the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final at the Bridgestone Arena on June 11, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 700056240 ORIG FILE ID: 695011694

They get back up and jump in front again. They play 82 games a season and then potentially another 28 games in the post season.

Pittsburgh has once again claimed the top of the hockey world. The last time they repeated as Stanley Cup Champions was when now General Manager Mario Lemieux and Rookie Jaromir Jagr were taking over the NHL.

Emotional for Lemieux as well as he sees himself in Sidney and loves seeing the success he’s brought to the team.

Jun 11, 2017; Nashville, TN, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin (right) pours a drink into the Stanley Cup after defeating the Nashville Predators in game six of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final at Bridgestone Arena. Mandatory Credit: Dave Sandford/NHLI/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-359429 ORIG FILE ID: 20170611_jel_so6_297.jpg

Another NHL season is done and the next one opens in 3 months. Can the Penguins do the impossible 3 peat??? We will find out in 1 years time.

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Smoking Weed and Drinking Alcohol

Let’s start with what you probably already know: Alcohol is a depressant, but in low doses it causes emotional release and lowers inhibitions. Marijuana is also known for its relaxing qualities, but can produce very different results depending on how much and what strain of it you smoke. So what happens when you mix them together?

Personally I have found that it’s not the most fun thing to do. With both being a laid back depressant you would think that doing them together would be end of life.

drug using teens at house party.

Everyone reacts to both alcohol and marijuana differently. It all comes down to how your body will handle both. Myself on one hand can handle my booze and when I do drink I have a fun time and never think of depressing things unless someone brings it up to me. However I also handle weed very well too. So when I mix the two I don’t feel the “usual side effects.”

I have friends who I have seen that cannot cope with it well. I remember when I was younger I was the same way.

At first I would be so drunk and would be having a great time. Then all of a sudden I would smoke a joint with someone and that would be the end of my night. I would start coughing and then the almighty no no would happen I would get the “SPINS.”


If you went to high school parties and got stoned while you were drunk you remember this feeling. You would zone out for a while, then the room would start to spin and feel like your standing on water. Then the best way to get rid of the spins would be to sit still, close your eyes which eventually make you go to sleep.

However before falling a sleep the dizziness would catch up to you and then the feeling would go straight to your stomach. Then all of sudden you gag……..PUKE!!!!!!

That’s right. This article here is to warn you not to mix the both together if you’re a beginner or a someone who doesn’t do smoke much. Save yourself a night of being wrapped around a toilet.


If you’re a season vet at both then your like me and have nothing to worry about.


Smoking Marijuana and Playing Sports. Does it help?

Often the question comes up. Can Marijuana enhance your level of play on the court, field, ice etc. The answer is really up to you. How is your mind going to handle Cannabis in the brain and soul when you’re playing at fast pace and trying to think about your next play.

When I was 19 I was a pretty good soccer player. Don’t mean to brag but I was pretty damn good. Never in all my years of playing at that time did I think I was smoke a joint or get high before a game. Until one day when I was at home and I was about to leave for my game. I found a joint I had in my car and just lit it up. It was a really nice strain. Cannot remember what it was. Anyways I got to the game 15 mins before the start. I warmed up on the field and realized that I was baked out of my trees!


The whistle blew and the game was under way. Now at first everything was a little overwhelming but after 5 minutes I adjusted to it. I then got confident and asked for the ball. I was thinking about plays 2 steps before and it made me a threat. I was conducting passes and doing things ive never even thought of. I guess that confidence was there and I had an attitude like I didn’t care what anyone was going to think and if I failed then who cares. I played a fantastic game, one of my best ever.

I guess if you smoke it and then get all paranoid or start to think about the worst case scenario then it might not be great for you. Its all how you let the drug take over. However I will say I did do it before a few more games and the same effect was not there. So I haven’t done it since. I did however do it a couple years ago and it was not a great idea. I was slow and confused and not in the best state of mind.


For some, that creativity will stay with them. There has been rumours that NBA basketball players have been known to do it and that they were creative once smoking weed before the game.

I think maybe a sativa would help. Giving you more energy and helping you be more creative would help while your in a game. However I also think that when your younger it is easier to smoke and still have all that energy to play a full game without coughing your lungs out.

Ricky Williams was a running back for the Miami Dolphins who openly smoked weed and eventually was unable to play in the NFL. The National Football Association is very strict with there laws on drugs with the players.


If it helps you and continues to help you then by all means go on and smoke up and play your heart out. If you notice your game is going downhill and you look like me trying to solve a word puzzel in the newspaper then i would stop.


The Cavaliers’ Locker Room Definitely Smelled Like Weed After Game 2

Yes you read that right LOL

The NBA is almost done its playoffs with Game 4 being tonight between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. It may look like a 4-0 sweep for the Warriors as they look to perfect there playoff winning ways to 16-0. Something I don’t think has ever been done before.

As you can probably imagine the Cleveland Cavaliers must be under a lot a stress. Being the defending champions and beating the very team they did last year after a 3-1 deficit. I don’t think the same will happen this year as Golden State is looking to strong.


So when you’re the defending NBA Champions and your getting your ass kicked 3-0 in the series I think there’s a part of you that would need to relax and take some stress off.

Whats the best way to do that?? Smoke some weed. After game 2 when the cavaliers got whooped, several reporters had left the locker room saying there was a definite smell of marijuana.

The first reporter who had smelled it was a ESPN rep Mike Wise. Who tweeted about it later and then in another tweet clarified that he didn’t know who or where it came from but that it wasn’t a dead skunk.


“There are two doors to that locker room, said Windhorst. “And there were three times as much media there. There are some questionable media dudes hanging around the Finals, is all I’m going to say. I did smell marijuana but I have no idea where it came from.”

If indeed it was a player (or players, plural) partaking in a post-game toke, Twitter highlighted a potential suspect in the case, which we can neither confirm or deny.

If that’s what it takes to keep your mind relaxed and focused on Game 4, by all means do what you have to do. But as someone who has been in those post-game scrums, there are plenty of suspects in the media who you could point the finger at as well, they’re just a lot lower profile than the guys who are on the court.

The source of Cleveland’s reefer madness will go unknown for now, but at the very least, they’ll have to hope the series doesn’t end in a sweep the next game is tonight in Ohio, where weed is still very much illegal.



Marijuana Pizza now SERVED!

A Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary has created a culinary delight for patients who don’t want to smoke their pot or eat it in the form of sweets.

Quincy-based Ermont Inc. has been selling cannabis-infused pizza for about three weeks to rave reviews.

Director of Operations Seth Yaffe says the company has a whole range of marijuana edibles, but he wanted to offer meals that patients could eat without a lot of sugar.


The 6-inch cheese pizzas sell for US$38 apiece. The tomato sauce contains 125 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. The company has sold about 200 already. Yaffe says if patients want toppings, they can add their own.

Only people with state-issued medical marijuana ID cards are eligible to buy the pies.

Again showing how much this industry is constantly growing. People are coming up with any kind of Marijuana influenced product that can sell. With legalization around the corner why wouldn’t you choose to be apart of it. This is the biggest industry in the world right now and it will only get bigger.


Marijuana edibles is also something that is getting bigger and bigger. Again, with legalization around the corner it will become as accepted as Alcohol. So the public who doesn’t smoke weed are going to want to be apart of this new trend or new social phenomenon. Not everyone wants to smoke marijuana in the form of a joint or even a pipe/bong. Why not put it in delicious foods that everyone can enjoy?

A genius move made by them as there restaurant is now booming! This is also something thats not going to fade away. It wont be a temporary boom. Marijuana has been prohibited for 100 years for no actual reason. There are millions of pot smokers out there and now million more medical patients.


Marijuana is a major part of our future and people are running towards it.


Marijuana is the new crop for B.C. produce company Village Farms

A major Canadian producer of greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables plans to turn at least one of its B.C. greenhouses into an enormous marijuana production facility.

Village Farms, based in Delta, B.C., has announced a joint venture with Emerald Health Therapeutics, the parent company of licensed medical cannabis producer Emerald Health Botanicals, also based in B.C.

Under the terms of the deal announced late Tuesday, Village Farms will provide Emerald with an existing 1.1 million square foot greenhouse in Delta, in exchange for $20 million cash and a 50 per cent stake in the joint venture. If approved and licensed by Health Canada, the greenhouse could yield more than 75,000 kilograms of marijuana per year, the companies say.


Emerald has the option to lease two more greenhouses from Village Farms in the future, for a total of 4.8 million square feet of growing space with an estimated annual yield of 300,000 kilograms. Village Farms CEO Michael DeGiglio said he expects the first greenhouse to converted for cannabis farming by 2018.

Joint ventures are definitely making the production at a lower cost for both parties. Also with major companies like Village Farms and others you can see just how big this industry is really growing.

Marijuana is the future of many things. Farming, economy, production etc. With the amount of jobs it can create in its industry I believe the people that are most against Marijuana will see the value of what it can do.


Licensed producer Aphria, based in Leamington, Ont., also touts its medical marijuana as being greenhouse-grown, with the slogan ‘powered by sunlight.’ Tantalus Labs, a recently licensed company based in Vancouver, is also focusing its business model and marketing efforts on greenhouse growing.

A number of other licensed cannabis producers are already operating greenhouse growing facilities, or building them out for the future, like Aurora Cannabis is doing with an 800,000 square foot in Leduc County, Alberta. ​


Being In London As The Attack Happened

For the last week and a half you may not have seen any blog posts being posted. The reason why is because I was away on vacation in London for a relatives wedding. As I landed in London I was a bit worried about being in a country and landing in a city that has turned its terrorism threat from severe to critical.

While landing at Heathrow Airport security was very tight. Which made me feel a lot better knowing that they are taking these matter seriously.


Where I was staying was about 2 hours away from the city of London. Not in a major city though like London, Manchester etc. However the wedding I was attending was near London, about half hour away.

Saturday arrived and there was no thought in my mind about anything about terrorism or explosions or anything of that matter. I was concentrated on the wedding.

After the beautiful wedding was done we were waiting for the reception to commense. I had started to get a lot of messages on my phone and social media was blowing up. As looked down on my phone my heart stopped and my body froze still.

The headlines read “ANOTHER ATTACK IN LONDON” or “TERRORIST ATTACK.” I started to read my messages and it was friends and family back home asking if i was okay and what not.


As the news spread the other guests started to panic, my first thought was do not tell the wedding couple of whats happening.

You could hear the screams and the sirens as the attack was going on. The city was on locked down with no one allowed to go in or out of the city. London was once again the target to a major Terrorist Attack.

Which brings me to my next point. In the last 10-15 years London has opened the doors to all ethnicity’s. There is a massive Muslim population out there and has been for a while. Is this the reason that the attacks are happening? All the people that have been named as the bombers or attackers have been of Muslim decent. Not all Muslims are terrorist, not by a long shot. How do you choose whose allowed in and whose not?


Maybe Donald Trump was on to something, maybe he had an idea of what the destruction that can be done and put up a ban.

Now that Canada has allowed all refugees in the country are we doomed as well? Only time will tell…


Oregon Vineyard Gives Marijuana Farming A Try.

Bill and Barbara Steele are a married couple who have moved to Oregon to start there very own Wine Vineyard. After being successful in their own careers and now being very successful in the wine vineyard game they have now decided to grow Marijuana.

Will it be as successful as there vineyard? Who knows and only time will tell said Bill. Making Marijuana legal in Oregon 2 years ago paved the way for farmers to experiment with the plant. Recreational Marijuana is set to be legal as of next year and other farmers like Bill and Barbara are joining the movement. “Anyone in the marijuana industry is going to be laughing with money” said Barbara. As the industry grows and the estimated worth of the industry is projected to be $22,000,000,000 everyone is trying to get in.


“Baby boomers are drinking less. Millennials are coming into their time, economically, where in 2016 they were the fastest-growing consumers of wine, both in dollars and volume,” said Barbara Steele, who runs Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden in rural Jacksonville with her husband.

The Steeles leased there land to grow 30 marijuana plants last year and are now doubling the amount for this year. They’re also going to be branding the marijuana with the same name as there wine.


This year’s crop also is for medical use, but the Steeles are seeing the benefits of the expanding market from legal recreational marijuana. Their marijuana was reviewed alongside one of their white wines in Stoner Magazine, an Oregon cannabis publication.

It’s hard to know exactly how many in the wine industry are looking at cannabis here, but there’s plenty of buzz surrounding the subject.


Some vineyards are ripping out portions of grapes in favor of marijuana plants or leasing land to private growers. Others are talking about wine-and-weed tourism, including high-end shuttles that would stop at local wineries for tastings and at marijuana farms for glimpses of how marijuana is prepared for market.


Secret Marijuana Garden In The Kennedy Home!

The Kennedy’s. At one time America’s favorite family, supposedly was smoking weed like the rest of the world. Hard to believe as they portrayed as the perfect American Family. But like most of the population in North America everyone loves a puff every now and then. Who knows, being the president of the free world is probably the hardest job on the planet. Sometimes he may have just needed to wind down and smoke a fatty. Friends of Kennedy said that he use to smoke a bit for his back pain. Again, proving that Cannabis was helpful and always has been. Even to the highest authority.


The former first lady, Jackie Kennedy, had an assistant Kathy McKeon who has now come out with a memoir book that explains her time with the Kennedy’s between 1964-1977. She has a tell all book about her time with the family and her experiences.

In one part of the book she explains how the youngsters in the family would keep going out to the garden. She found it odd as there was only plants and flowers out there and no space for them to play or do anything else. One day as the family was out for the day Kathy decided to take a look out in the garden to see what kept the youngsters to keep coming back. That’s when she found the beautiful plant sitting there in the middle of all the flowers and bushes.


She panicked and did not know what to do. She went to the Secret Service Trailer that was always parked outside of there Hyannis Port, MA, estate and found Jack Dempsey, the leader and police chief at the time. He ordered a few men to get rid of the plant and made everyone in the room swear by god that they would never ever let this get out.

KN-21079 18 April 1962 Meeting with the Director of Food for Peace George S. McGovern, 10:12AM. Please credit “Robert Knudsen. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston”

I have always been a firm believer in conspiracies and the Kennedy Family’s deaths have always been a mystery to me. I was not born when JFK was shot and killed, however I do remember when JFK Jr’s plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. How does the “Perfect American Family” have that bad of a curse on them? Am I believing things i hear? Maybe. But I still think the American Government had something to do with it.

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The Importance Of Blogging

Over the last 25 years the world has welcomed one of the most powerful things to the world. Can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint, if we didn’t have it we would not be able to find a lot of important information. You wouldn’t be able to even see this article. YES, I’m talking about the INTERNET!


The Internet came into our world and completely took over and changed our lives! We can now find anything you can imagine on the internet. Anything from a capital city to the formation of a single flower. The internet can provide any information you would like.

Now that the entire population of 7 Billion people are on the internet there will always be someone out there who is interested in the same thing you are. Even if its something not a lot of people will know about someone out there will have the same interest.


BLOG! People out there started blogging. Some people did so they can let everyone know how they feel. Some for personal interest. Some did it because they have an exciting story or exciting life they live and want people to share there own experiences with them.

If you lead an exciting life or have a product that people want or even something that you’re passionate about, BLOG IT! I can guarantee that if you blog good material, over time you will start to get a following base. If you’re not blogging about something that you’re passionate about you’re not investing in your future.

A friend of mine use to be a great soccer player (still is) and is really passionate about the sport. He started a blog about 6 months ago and now already has 1500 followers. Pretty amazing. His following base is only growing.


Not good with words? Try Vlogging! What is it? V stands for Video. Why not make videos for the blog. Hold up a camera and make a video of your daily adventures. Travel? Start vlogging. A lot of people in the world may not have a chance to do what your doing or travel where your travelling. Let them live through you.

End of the day we should be all taking advantage of the Internet. Anything on here can make you money. You just have to get the courage to start it and be consistent. If after a year its not working out, don’t get demoralized keep at it. IF you think it wont work, live and learn and try something else. Don’t give up on yourself. Smoke some Sativa and get up and make the best of your day and make every one count!



Employees At A Dispensary Join Union

Workers at a medical marijuana dispensary in Toronto’s east end have joined Unifor, the country’s largest private-sector union.

Forty workers at a local dispensary in Toronto have joined unifor. Reception, production workers, supervisors etc. are now represented by a union.

Marijuana dispensaries are illegal still in Canada and the only way to purchase legal marijuana is by getting it from a licensed health producer and they ship it Via Mail.


Unifor president Jerry Dias said all workers have a right to unionize, regardless of an industry’s status.

“This is a fast-growing industry, and with the advent of legalization, it is important that the workers have a voice and representation as the sector evolves over the coming years,” Dias said in a news release.

This is local dispensary has 4 other locations and Unifor is hoping the other locations will join the union as well.


Unifor says the union will begin to negotiate a first contract at the east-end dispensary.

Unifor organizing director John Aman said the workers cited safety and training as their primary concerns.

This is only the beginning, Marijuana is becoming legal and the companies will start coming. Of course there are unions that will be formed.

I always see Marijuana as becoming the new Alcohol. Think about it, alcohol was prohibited for a long time and then when it became legal big time manufacturers came along like Molson, Budweiser etc. and took over the beer industry. Will the same happen with Marijuana? I would think so.

Florida Attorney General Candidate Leads Pro Marijuana Rally

The world is finally about to learn the beauty of the plant that we call cannabis and the wonders it can do. Not only with the medical side but how it can also do other wonders as well.

Need some errands done? Need to finish a project? Smoke some Sativa.

Having a hard time falling asleep? Smoke some Indica.


Marijuana Aims To Take Less Than 1 Percent Of Canadian Alcohol Sales

The recreational marijuana industry is expected to take a sip of less than 1 per cent initially out of annual Canadian alcohol sales once it becomes legal.


A business consulting firm in New York, says the legalization of Marijuana would take $160 million out of the country’s $22.1 billion booze industry, rising as use of the drug expands.

While there are numerous unknowns governing the sale of marijuana, A Business consulting Firm based its projections on alcohol sales in U.S. states that have legalized the drug. It also took into account a lot of factors in Canada including spending patterns, income and demographics.


The beer market, which is worth about $9.2 billion, is anticipated to take a $70-million hit from in the first year of marijuana legalization.

A Deloitte report has estimated that the Canadian market for marijuana could be worth up to around $22.6 billion a year, including about $4.9 billion to $8.7 billion from the sale of the substance, with the rest coming from the ancillary market including growers, testing labs and security.

In a report released last month, Azer said just under 82 per cent of 18- to 29-year-olds in Ontario consumed alcohol in 2015, down 5.5 percentage points since 2008, while marijuana use has been steady at around 34 to 36 per cent.


The introduction of Marijuana being legalized will hopefully divert the public away from booze a little more. The only reason that is a concern to me is the stats that show the affects of living between the two. It is shown that alcohol does way more damage then Weed. There are more deaths caused by alcohol then Marijuana.


This was in 2014 from the World Health Organization. Countries in Europe have already seemed to legalize or be less harsh on the laws. Countries like Spain and Portugal have started the trend with more hoping to follow.

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Nowadays it is easier then ever to receive mail order marijuana. However, many companies don’t ensure product quality or control. They have no physical location or offices. Many are just young kids selling weed from random sources from their mom’s basement!

Medical marijuana is another huge issue. Many of the individuals consuming medical cannabis are individual suffering from varying health issues and ailments. But even “medical grade” cannabis has many times tested positive for highly toxic pesticides or herbicides.

Just because it is labelled as Medical Marijuana doesn’t mean it’s good or healthy

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Vermont Legislature Passes Bill To Make Marijuana Legal!

As, not only the country of Canada, but the entire continent of North America looks to soon legalize Marijuana. What a time to be alive! The most recent on the list to jump on the wagon and legalize the flower is Vermont.

A bill that would see Cannabis legal has gone through its final approval stage and is almost ready to have recreational marijuana available for adults.

Beginning in July 2018, it would eliminate Vermont’s civil penalty for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana and remove penalties for possession of up to two mature marijuana plants and up to four immature plants. It would also create a study commission to develop legislation to regulate and tax marijuana for adult use.

Fifty-seven percent of Vermont voters support allowing adults 21 and older to possess and grow limited amounts of marijuana, according to a statewide survey of 755 registered voters conducted in March by Public Policy Polling. Only 39% are opposed.

The Legislature has finally taken a crucial step towards ending this prohibition who, no one knows why, it even started in the first place.

Vermont Lawmakers felt that they need to move forward with the rest of the world and “live in the 21st century.” The opposed that have been against it since day 1 are still opposed and there reason was that what if children get there hands on it??

My answer to him was, if people have been smoking it for the last 100 years then how is this not been a problem for the last 100 years? Also Alcohol is 100x worse then weed and people keep booze accessible in there cabinets. Children can be harmed from booze all these years as well.

I wonder if this is how people felt when the prohibition was finally done? I’m not sure about you but this is amazing!

Always Keep up to date about Marijuana news and updates!


Nevada Can Begin To Sell Recreational Marijuana Early

Nevada is about to get a whole lot more sweet and HIGH! With the legalization of Marijuana slowly looming over the nation, licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in good standing with the state of Nevada can begin selling marijuana for recreational purposes as early as July 1, the state tax board voted Monday.

The Nevada Tax Commission voted and it was approved that temporary licenses for shops that qualify can start selling recreational marijuana as early as July 1 instead of January. Giving the state Department of Taxation time to test the regulations before the program goes into full effect in 2018.

Marijuana retailers must have state and local licenses to operate. Most Nevada counties have yet to approve their own regulations for the Adult-use retail market. When it is done, adults in the state will be able to legally purchase up to an ounce of weed. The law in Nevada will also allow up to six Marijuana plants to be grown for personal use.

For all the people who have been waiting for the end of prohibition of Marijuana were concerned about the legalization of weed under President Trump. While he was running, Trump said he was supportive of medical marijuana “100 percent” and would respect states’ rights on the issue. But his selection of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, an anti-marijuana hard-liner, was troubling to those who favor progressive drug laws.


Marijuana is the most common illicit substance in the U.S. and the amount of states that are joining the cult of legalizing marijuana is making our fight stronger. National support for legalizing the plant has dramatically risen in the last couple years. Reaching historic highs in multiple polls. However marijuana is still illegal in under federal law.

The laws in Canada are due to change on the Nations birthday of next year. Living in Vancouver, people are more excited then ever. Will it happen? You tell me…




$370K off drugs seized in Calgary

Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) is an organized crime and drug unit. With the help of Calgary Police they raided a few city homes and arrested a drug king pin. In the homes they were able to seize 3400 packages of highly concentrated shatter, another 400 packages of other extracts, as well as more than 3 kilograms of weed.

Police are saying a bust like this will put a massive dent in the local drug trade as dealers will have a hard time finding there supply. It is important as they pretty much took nearly $400K of drugs off the streets.

Along with the cannabis, ALERT seized 2.85 kg. of psilocybin or “magic” mushrooms, along with 27 grams of hashish from the homes in northwest and southwest Calgary. The seizure also included cellphones, other drug paraphernalia and more than $1,400 in cash.

The man charged in all of this is 27 year old Kyle Mattson, who is going to be facing three counts of drug trafficking, breach of recognizance and possession of proceeds of crime.

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The risk of being a weed dealer is getting more and more high now as Police are starting to crack down more and more as the legalization of marijuana grows closer.

Police will not raid companies like Buy Weed Online as they would rather have distributors like us. Customer Service always available, shipping always on time, no violence, no unhappy customers etc.




Canadian oil companies come out against legal marijuana

Do you want your employees stoned? The million dollar question every CEO or business owner is asking. Especially CEOs of oil companies, where the workers must be ready for hard heavy work, are worried. A lot of these Companies have monthly drug testing and not only are they worried about the drug testing but also how much the testing cost. Not to mention that employees can argue to do a drug test because it is “legal.”

In Colorado they have had the biggest failed drug test year of there history. Why? Government said “why do you think” Weed is legal. That is why Canadian Ceo’s are very worried. Especially in provinces like Alberta where finding workers is very tough.

Neveu, a CEO of a big company in Colorado, said that even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, his employees must operate heavy machinery in remote environments, meaning they definitely don’t want their employees to be under the influence.

The company is also on the hook for paying for their employees to be randomly drug tested, which can cost anywhere from $85 to $325 depending on the precision of the test.

What I’m thinking is that even though Marijuana is not legal yet doesn’t mean no one is smoking it. Some people smoke before work, how would this change things? Are they only do the drug tests now because it will be legal??

Enform, an oil industry training organization, released a statement in April criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legislation for legalizing marijuana, saying it fails to cover how workplace regulations can be harmonized from province to province.





Cannabis Church Now Open

Have you ever thought about going to Church to worship your favorite drug? Yeah me neither. Now in Denver, Colorado a group of individuals have re opened an old church to make way for the future of cannabis. The state of Colorado, which has now made weed legal, is growing in the cannabis world.

They call it Elevationism. The basic principle is that using cannabis allows worshippers to achieve the best version of themselves. I like the sound of that if I do say so myself.

The church came first and the religion came second. Steve Berke, one of the founders, got help from his parents to purchase the historic building, which cost over $1 million.

At first they weren’t sure what to do with it. They thought about turning it into condominiums, or a mansion for a Denver Broncos player, before they finally settled on using the church as it was intended — well, sort of.

YES! The answer to the question everyone is thinking when reading this article. Yes, you can smoke weed, however its done in a different room where the daily mass is held place. The church is just like a regular church where you can come to pray or meditate and all that. The Church is open to the public between Monday-Friday 12-3pm. On the weekends it is only open to private members.

The church hasn’t arrived in Denver without controversy. The day it opened, Dan Pabon, a Democrat in the state’s House of Representatives, tried to add an amendment banning cannabis consumption in churches to a bill. But some of Pabon’s fellow representatives argued that the amendment would be an unconstitutional restriction on religion, and it was scuttled, The Denver Post reported.

It’s irrelevant to me what other people think about this. We’re doing what we’re doing. It’s for real, It’s a very serious undertaking. In time, it’ll prove itself.” Said the head organizer of the Church.

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100 Years of Prohibition….why?

It’s been 94 years exactly that marijuana has been illegal. Almost a century has gone by and till this day no one knows why it was pronounced illegal. A professor of the history department at the University of Guelph said there is 2 common theories that people have explained in old books or films.

Carstairs believes marijuana was made illegal by government bureaucrats without much thought, who felt the drug was coming under increasing international scrutiny as a drug that one day need to be regulated.

By 1922 a number of U.S. states had already introduced legislation against the drug and I think Canada was sort of following international guidelines and added marijuana to the schedule of restricted drugs without a great deal of debate.

There is no record of it ever being discussed in parliament, I think the only reason it was  added to the illegal list is because it was being discussed at international meetings with world leaders.

Carstairs adds that while federal law makers barely knew about the existence of pot, it wasn’t something the average Canadian knew much about either. There was almost no marijuana use in Canada at the time. It boggles the mind that they made it illegal.

Canada, which is a huge surprise, was one of the first countries in the world to ban the flower. The law was not really forced in the first 10 years or so. However in the late 1930s is when police really cracked down on cannabis use. It was the USA that put Canada under pressure to start forcing the law. RCMP fanned out across the nation to stop cannabis use.

At the time, hemp was a common sight on farms across the country, where it often grew wild and was often used by farmers not as a drug, but as a windbreak to protect crops and prevent soil erosion.

Now here we are, nearly 100 years later, and marijuana is still illegal but they’re not as harsh as they once were. The federal government is now wanting to legalize it. Will they do it? Only time will tell. However, this marijuana smoker believes cannabis is the best plant god created and the fact that something so herbal and natural is banned is ridiculous. Tell me what you think.

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67 pounds of Weed found in Coffin

You read the heading correctly. When I first read this article I could not believe what I read. This guy near a city named Tombstone was stopped by Willcox Border Patrol. Driving a bright white hearse the man could not get his story right. I guess he was mixing up his words or maybe stuttered. So the customs agents decided to pull him to the side. Little did they realize they would find 67 pounds of weed in coffin.

The name of the man who dared to take $38,000 worth of weed across a border was not released. The arrest was made but they haven’t released any information what his punishment would be.

Which brings me to the point of why buying marijuana online is very important. If someone driving a hearse can get questioned and pulled over doesn’t that scare the shit out of you? It did for me!

Ordering marijuana online in Canada is very simple. Now you can just log on to buy weed online and be able to place an order as if you were buying clothes.

Buying products such as Marijuana, Hash, Shatter, Dabs etc. Anything is available on the net you just always need to make sure that the source is trust worthy.

Do your due diligence, do some research make sure that the company seems legit. Make sure they have a contact phone number and contact the Customer Service Department. If they don’t have one I would personally never buy from them.

Going back to the story of this guy. He had 67 pounds of weed stored in 2 different coffins and all in the back. It wasn’t even hidden it was just packed in the back. I guess he thought they wouldn’t even question him because he was in a hearse.

Buy Weed Online is the way of the future for Marijuana.


Buy Weed Online

Yes, you read the article heading correctly. Buy Weed Online is the newest way to purchase marijuana. Not only that but its the safest and most reliable way to buying marijuana. I use to always have to meet this sketchy dealer in a parking lot or some other shady place. It never felt safe, I never knew if my dealer was coming or a huge swat team raiding my car. It was a scary and uneasy feeling every time I wanted to buy weed. I buy weed to relax and calm my nerves, not to do the other way around.

With the uncertainty of the legalization of weed, pot smokers are getting more and more impatient as to abiding by the law. Why should they? They have been told over and over again that Weed will be legal.

Marijuana smokers are now turning to the Internet to purchase marijuana. You can now buy weed online and have it delivered right to your front door. Imagine that, order from your laptop on your couch while your watching sports highlights and have it delivered right to you. Guaranteed!

A lot of people purchase from a marijuana dispensary. Something I haven’t done before. Why would I want too? Being on there Camera records forever, never know if the police are going to raid the place etc. It’s a scary thought to think that you may get seen or have records of you purchasing marijuana while it’s legal.

While we sit here and wait for our government to twiddle there thumbs and wait for something that may never happen, I am giving cannabis smokers a different alternative. Allowing smokers to purchase marijuana from there own homes and have it delivered right to there front door. It’s not rocket science, everyone has access to internet in some way. Being able to order cannabis online and pay with Debit or Credit Card is the way of the future.

Welcome to the 21st century. Buy Weed Online is here to stay and is service pot smokers Canada Wide for the last 5 years!

This former minister expects to make $22 million next year selling marijuana

In November 2016, Dan Osborne voted “no” to Proposition 64 in California, the measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

He smoked pot in high school, but that was a long time ago, and his perspectives have changed. “I’m a dad and a grandpa. So we’ve got a responsibility,” says Osborne to Marcus Lemonis in CNBC’s special episode of “The Profit,” “Marijuana Millionaires,” airing Aug. 10.

Prop. 64 did pass, however, and goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2018. (Currently, marijuana is legal for medical purposes in the state.)

Despite Osborne’s personal views, he knows the legislation is going to be good for his wallet. That’s because Osborne, 55, is heavily invested in weed. He has already spent $16 million building indoor growing facilities in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., a sleepy town that is going through a revival thanks to its decision to allow indoor pot farming on an industrial scale.

Dan Osborne, founder of CLC Brand Labs, holding a pot plant.

Dan Osborne, founder of CLC Brand Labs, holding a pot plant.

His company, CLC Brand Labs, which he founded in 2016, sells marijuana to medical dispensaries. “Especially when it becomes legal — recreational — there’s gonna be a lot of demand. It’s gonna shoot through the roof,” he says. At that time, he will also sell to recreational retailers.

Osborne is readying himself and his business for the surge. In fact he recently paid $3.8 million for 3.8 acres of land to bolster his growing facilities. He knows $1 million an acre is way over market price.

“Are you just not good at real estate?” Lemonis asks Osborne.

“No, I’m good at investment,” he says. The profit margins on growing and selling marijuana are so high, he’s confident he will make back the money.

Osborne expects his growing facilities to reap $22 million in 2018. He’s on a five-year plan to complete building out 170,000 square feet of indoor growing space. And when he is done, he expects to be bringing in $35 million a year in profit.