67 pounds of Weed found in Coffin

You read the heading correctly. When I first read this article I could not believe what I read. This guy near a city named Tombstone was stopped by Willcox Border Patrol. Driving a bright white hearse the man could not get his story right. I guess he was mixing up his words or maybe stuttered. So the customs agents decided to pull him to the side. Little did they realize they would find 67 pounds of weed in coffin.

The name of the man who dared to take $38,000 worth of weed across a border was not released. The arrest was made but they haven’t released any information what his punishment would be.

Which brings me to the point of why buying marijuana online is very important. If someone driving a hearse can get questioned and pulled over doesn’t that scare the shit out of you? It did for me!

Ordering marijuana online in Canada is very simple. Now you can just log on to buy weed online and be able to place an order as if you were buying clothes.

Buying products such as Marijuana, Hash, Shatter, Dabs etc. Anything is available on the net you just always need to make sure that the source is trust worthy.

Do your due diligence, do some research make sure that the company seems legit. Make sure they have a contact phone number and contact the Customer Service Department. If they don’t have one I would personally never buy from them.

Going back to the story of this guy. He had 67 pounds of weed stored in 2 different coffins and all in the back. It wasn’t even hidden it was just packed in the back. I guess he thought they wouldn’t even question him because he was in a hearse.

Buy Weed Online is the way of the future for Marijuana.

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