Canadian oil companies come out against legal marijuana

Do you want your employees stoned? The million dollar question every CEO or business owner is asking. Especially CEOs of oil companies, where the workers must be ready for hard heavy work, are worried. A lot of these Companies have monthly drug testing and not only are they worried about the drug testing but also how much the testing cost. Not to mention that employees can argue to do a drug test because it is “legal.”

In Colorado they have had the biggest failed drug test year of there history. Why? Government said “why do you think” Weed is legal. That is why Canadian Ceo’s are very worried. Especially in provinces like Alberta where finding workers is very tough.

Neveu, a CEO of a big company in Colorado, said that even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, his employees must operate heavy machinery in remote environments, meaning they definitely don’t want their employees to be under the influence.

The company is also on the hook for paying for their employees to be randomly drug tested, which can cost anywhere from $85 to $325 depending on the precision of the test.

What I’m thinking is that even though Marijuana is not legal yet doesn’t mean no one is smoking it. Some people smoke before work, how would this change things? Are they only do the drug tests now because it will be legal??

Enform, an oil industry training organization, released a statement in April criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legislation for legalizing marijuana, saying it fails to cover how workplace regulations can be harmonized from province to province.




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