$370K off drugs seized in Calgary

Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) is an organized crime and drug unit. With the help of Calgary Police they raided a few city homes and arrested a drug king pin. In the homes they were able to seize 3400 packages of highly concentrated shatter, another 400 packages of other extracts, as well as more than 3 kilograms of weed.

Police are saying a bust like this will put a massive dent in the local drug trade as dealers will have a hard time finding there supply. It is important as they pretty much took nearly $400K of drugs off the streets.

Along with the cannabis, ALERT seized 2.85 kg. of psilocybin or “magic” mushrooms, along with 27 grams of hashish from the homes in northwest and southwest Calgary. The seizure also included cellphones, other drug paraphernalia and more than $1,400 in cash.

The man charged in all of this is 27 year old Kyle Mattson, who is going to be facing three counts of drug trafficking, breach of recognizance and possession of proceeds of crime.

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The risk of being a weed dealer is getting more and more high now as Police are starting to crack down more and more as the legalization of marijuana grows closer.

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