Marijuana And The NFL

Marijuana in the NFL has been banned since I can remember. It’s odd that there is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for the Drug. It is banned under the existing collective bargaining agreement, which expires in 2020. With that agreement players who test positive are forced to go into the substance abuse program, which leads to fines to the player and the organization he plays for and eventually banned from the league.


NFL is the biggest sports league in North America and is always growing globally. Even Europe is starting to enjoy the game of Football. It has to draw the line somewhere for substances as it could turn around and affect the players performance. The odd thing is that Recreational Marijuana is legal in 8 states and Medical is legal in over 20. So why wouldn’t the NFL allow it for Medical reasons at least??

Players from the past and present have been vocal about changing the agreement and allowing players to use medical marijuana. It will help at times with there pain or injuries.


Right now in the league players are told to use Opiates, drug derived from opium. There has been no medical evidence that it helps with chronic pains and aches that are often suffered by Football Players. There has been some evidence that Opiates can cause drug dependency.

39 studies investigating the efficacy of opiate painkillers for chronic pain found that “evidence on long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain is very limited but suggests an increased risk of serious harms that appear to be dose-dependent.” In other words, there’s little evidence of benefit for treating chronic pain with opioids, but a there is a real risk of harm.

New York Jets v New England Patriots

In fact Opiate has killed over 15,000 people in a year and marijuana came close with less than 0 deaths. It begs the question of why the NFL would not let its players use a substance that actually helps them and not affect them in the long term.

Former Football great Ricky Williams actually chose marijuana over a career in the NFL. I dont think i would do that to be honest. However I would be very vocal about the problem.


Ex NBA players have spoken up about the topic and have been vocal about how it helped them out with there pains.

It will take some time before the NFL starts to realize that this may help the average player play a little longer. I have noticed that over the years the average age of a football player has declined. It is scary and its also unfortunate that we don’t get to see our heroes play for longer.

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