Oregon Vineyard Gives Marijuana Farming A Try.

Bill and Barbara Steele are a married couple who have moved to Oregon to start there very own Wine Vineyard. After being successful in their own careers and now being very successful in the wine vineyard game they have now decided to grow Marijuana.

Will it be as successful as there vineyard? Who knows and only time will tell said Bill. Making Marijuana legal in Oregon 2 years ago paved the way for farmers to experiment with the plant. Recreational Marijuana is set to be legal as of next year and other farmers like Bill and Barbara are joining the movement. “Anyone in the marijuana industry is going to be laughing with money” said Barbara. As the industry grows and the estimated worth of the industry is projected to be $22,000,000,000 everyone is trying to get in.


“Baby boomers are drinking less. Millennials are coming into their time, economically, where in 2016 they were the fastest-growing consumers of wine, both in dollars and volume,” said Barbara Steele, who runs Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden in rural Jacksonville with her husband.

The Steeles leased there land to grow 30 marijuana plants last year and are now doubling the amount for this year. They’re also going to be branding the marijuana with the same name as there wine.


This year’s crop also is for medical use, but the Steeles are seeing the benefits of the expanding market from legal recreational marijuana. Their marijuana was reviewed alongside one of their white wines in Stoner Magazine, an Oregon cannabis publication.

It’s hard to know exactly how many in the wine industry are looking at cannabis here, but there’s plenty of buzz surrounding the subject.


Some vineyards are ripping out portions of grapes in favor of marijuana plants or leasing land to private growers. Others are talking about wine-and-weed tourism, including high-end shuttles that would stop at local wineries for tastings and at marijuana farms for glimpses of how marijuana is prepared for market.

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