Being In London As The Attack Happened

For the last week and a half you may not have seen any blog posts being posted. The reason why is because I was away on vacation in London for a relatives wedding. As I landed in London I was a bit worried about being in a country and landing in a city that has turned its terrorism threat from severe to critical.

While landing at Heathrow Airport security was very tight. Which made me feel a lot better knowing that they are taking these matter seriously.


Where I was staying was about 2 hours away from the city of London. Not in a major city though like London, Manchester etc. However the wedding I was attending was near London, about half hour away.

Saturday arrived and there was no thought in my mind about anything about terrorism or explosions or anything of that matter. I was concentrated on the wedding.

After the beautiful wedding was done we were waiting for the reception to commense. I had started to get a lot of messages on my phone and social media was blowing up. As looked down on my phone my heart stopped and my body froze still.

The headlines read “ANOTHER ATTACK IN LONDON” or “TERRORIST ATTACK.” I started to read my messages and it was friends and family back home asking if i was okay and what not.


As the news spread the other guests started to panic, my first thought was do not tell the wedding couple of whats happening.

You could hear the screams and the sirens as the attack was going on. The city was on locked down with no one allowed to go in or out of the city. London was once again the target to a major Terrorist Attack.

Which brings me to my next point. In the last 10-15 years London has opened the doors to all ethnicity’s. There is a massive Muslim population out there and has been for a while. Is this the reason that the attacks are happening? All the people that have been named as the bombers or attackers have been of Muslim decent. Not all Muslims are terrorist, not by a long shot. How do you choose whose allowed in and whose not?


Maybe Donald Trump was on to something, maybe he had an idea of what the destruction that can be done and put up a ban.

Now that Canada has allowed all refugees in the country are we doomed as well? Only time will tell…

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