Marijuana Pizza now SERVED!

A Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary has created a culinary delight for patients who don’t want to smoke their pot or eat it in the form of sweets.

Quincy-based Ermont Inc. has been selling cannabis-infused pizza for about three weeks to rave reviews.

Director of Operations Seth Yaffe says the company has a whole range of marijuana edibles, but he wanted to offer meals that patients could eat without a lot of sugar.


The 6-inch cheese pizzas sell for US$38 apiece. The tomato sauce contains 125 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. The company has sold about 200 already. Yaffe says if patients want toppings, they can add their own.

Only people with state-issued medical marijuana ID cards are eligible to buy the pies.

Again showing how much this industry is constantly growing. People are coming up with any kind of Marijuana influenced product that can sell. With legalization around the corner why wouldn’t you choose to be apart of it. This is the biggest industry in the world right now and it will only get bigger.


Marijuana edibles is also something that is getting bigger and bigger. Again, with legalization around the corner it will become as accepted as Alcohol. So the public who doesn’t smoke weed are going to want to be apart of this new trend or new social phenomenon. Not everyone wants to smoke marijuana in the form of a joint or even a pipe/bong. Why not put it in delicious foods that everyone can enjoy?

A genius move made by them as there restaurant is now booming! This is also something thats not going to fade away. It wont be a temporary boom. Marijuana has been prohibited for 100 years for no actual reason. There are millions of pot smokers out there and now million more medical patients.


Marijuana is a major part of our future and people are running towards it.

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