Smoking Weed and Drinking Alcohol

Let’s start with what you probably already know: Alcohol is a depressant, but in low doses it causes emotional release and lowers inhibitions. Marijuana is also known for its relaxing qualities, but can produce very different results depending on how much and what strain of it you smoke. So what happens when you mix them together?

Personally I have found that it’s not the most fun thing to do. With both being a laid back depressant you would think that doing them together would be end of life.

drug using teens at house party.

Everyone reacts to both alcohol and marijuana differently. It all comes down to how your body will handle both. Myself on one hand can handle my booze and when I do drink I have a fun time and never think of depressing things unless someone brings it up to me. However I also handle weed very well too. So when I mix the two I don’t feel the “usual side effects.”

I have friends who I have seen that cannot cope with it well. I remember when I was younger I was the same way.

At first I would be so drunk and would be having a great time. Then all of a sudden I would smoke a joint with someone and that would be the end of my night. I would start coughing and then the almighty no no would happen I would get the “SPINS.”


If you went to high school parties and got stoned while you were drunk you remember this feeling. You would zone out for a while, then the room would start to spin and feel like your standing on water. Then the best way to get rid of the spins would be to sit still, close your eyes which eventually make you go to sleep.

However before falling a sleep the dizziness would catch up to you and then the feeling would go straight to your stomach. Then all of sudden you gag……..PUKE!!!!!!

That’s right. This article here is to warn you not to mix the both together if you’re a beginner or a someone who doesn’t do smoke much. Save yourself a night of being wrapped around a toilet.


If you’re a season vet at both then your like me and have nothing to worry about.

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