The King Falls As Golden State Take Back NBA Crown

It is the most hyped and exciting NBA rivalry in a very long time. Almost like the Lakers vs Celtics in the 80s. The battle between these 2 teams in the last 3 years has been incredible. Golden State won the crown in 2015. Last year we saw the Lebron James and the Cavs fight back from a 3-1 deficit to be crowned NBA Champions.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

Golden State had been shocked along with the entire continent. So in the off season they signed Kevin Durant in a controversial move from the Oklahoma City Thunder. They did not disappoint. proving over and over again they have what it takes to be Champions.

They entered the series going 12-0. A perfect streak that was hard to break. The Cavaliers were able to win 1 game however there was no match for the Warriors last night.


Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both put up massive numbers. The cavaliers kept fighting back but there was no match for the shooting and depth from the Warriors.

As the final whistle blew Lebron embraced the players and there winnings and walked back to the change room. The warriors on the other hand were all looking to the sky as they finally had there title back.


Kevin Durant was the main attraction. After already losing in the finals before he has wanted one for so long. Seeing him celebrate with his mom was very special. They signed him for a reason. He did not just help them win the title he was also the finals MVP. Did he ever deserve it! Durant was so clutch with his shooting and play making it was a real treat to see him out there.

As the season closes we look forward to another season and another great NBA playoffs and finals next season. Will Golden State keep this dynasty or will the King rise again?

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