Toronto Police Raid Canna Clinic Marijuana Dispensaries

Police have conducted raids on at least two marijuana dispensaries operated in Toronto by Canna Clinics. The raids happened mid-morning at the B.C.-based company’s stores on Queen St. W. and Kensington Ave.

Canna Clinics has seven locations in Toronto. Toronto police did not immediately confirm how many of the company’s dispensaries had been raided.

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A bar owner near the Kensington clinic said police came around 10 a.m. Customers were let go before police closed the store.

Officers at the scene said they were going to arrest the staff members and seize all illegal drugs. A number of people who appeared to be employees were seen leaving the store around midday. One was crying, and others looked defeated and resigned.

At the Queen St. W. store, Det. Darren Worth said nine employees were detained. Worth said all of them had been arrested, and that police would seize “all the illegal drugs” and the proceeds from sales. Customers continued to arrive at the store while the raid was underway, but were turned away by police.

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A man who was working there when police arrived said the officers seized all the staff members’ phones, and didn’t return them when the workers were released.

“I think it’s a big waste of time and money,” said the employee, who would only identify himself as Derek. Staff members leaving the Queen St. store said they expected it would be open again by tomorrow.

“We do know we take a risk by working here,” said Laura Glatt, who has been working at the clinic for about a month. “Me personally, I’m all for the risk because I believe in the medicinal aspect of it.”

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Glatt said she understands the police officers are just doing their job, but thinks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs a better strategy as Canada moves toward legalization of marijuana. “All that’s happening right now is people are getting hurt.”

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Personally she uses marijuana for depression, sleeping disorder and eating disorder. She said it will be “maybe a couple of days” before the store reopens.

“I just think it’s sort of ridiculous, a waste of resources.”

DEA chief: ‘Marijuana Is Not Medicine’

Yes, you read the heading right and yes, I was just as mad as you are as I was reading it for the first time.

Drug Enforcement Administration acting Chief Chuck Rosenberg reiterated an Obama-era stance Thursday that “marijuana is not medicine.”

“If it turns out that there is something in smoked marijuana that helps people, that’s awesome,” he said, speaking at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. “I will be the last person to stand in the way of that. … But let’s run it through the Food and Drug Administration process, and let’s stick to the science on it.”


Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, alongside drugs like heroin and LSD, while other substances like oxycodone and methamphetamine are classified as Schedule II drugs, which are regulated differently. Despite repeated attempts by advocates requesting that marijuana be moved to Schedule II, the DEA has pointed to the FDA’s guidance that says it does not have medical value.

Rosenberg noted that the DEA takes recommendations about how to classify the drug from the FDA. He pointed out that marijuana studies have been ongoing and acknowledged some studies show it may have medical benefits for children with epilepsy.


He also appeared to show some concern around state laws regarding recreational marijuana, saying that it is addictive, which can be harmful to a developing brain that is vulnerable to developing substance abuse and addiction.

“When you develop a substance use disorder at a young age, it actually increases the likelihood of you developing an addiction to other substances,” he said. “So in that sense addiction to marijuana or any substance, including nicotine, during adolescence and young adulthood when the brain is developing is very concerning.”


Whatever happens, after all the research and everything I hope they can see the beauty and the help Marijuana gives to its users.

The Importance Of Blogging

Over the last 25 years the world has welcomed one of the most powerful things to the world. Can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint, if we didn’t have it we would not be able to find a lot of important information. You wouldn’t be able to even see this article. YES, I’m talking about the INTERNET!


The Internet came into our world and completely took over and changed our lives! We can now find anything you can imagine on the internet. Anything from a capital city to the formation of a single flower. The internet can provide any information you would like.

Now that the entire population of 7 Billion people are on the internet there will always be someone out there who is interested in the same thing you are. Even if its something not a lot of people will know about someone out there will have the same interest.


BLOG! People out there started blogging. Some people did so they can let everyone know how they feel. Some for personal interest. Some did it because they have an exciting story or exciting life they live and want people to share there own experiences with them.

If you lead an exciting life or have a product that people want or even something that you’re passionate about, BLOG IT! I can guarantee that if you blog good material, over time you will start to get a following base. If you’re not blogging about something that you’re passionate about you’re not investing in your future.

A friend of mine use to be a great soccer player (still is) and is really passionate about the sport. He started a blog about 6 months ago and now already has 1500 followers. Pretty amazing. His following base is only growing.


Not good with words? Try Vlogging! What is it? V stands for Video. Why not make videos for the blog. Hold up a camera and make a video of your daily adventures. Travel? Start vlogging. A lot of people in the world may not have a chance to do what your doing or travel where your travelling. Let them live through you.

End of the day we should be all taking advantage of the Internet. Anything on here can make you money. You just have to get the courage to start it and be consistent. If after a year its not working out, don’t get demoralized keep at it. IF you think it wont work, live and learn and try something else. Don’t give up on yourself. Smoke some Sativa and get up and make the best of your day and make every one count!

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