Canada’s Recreational Bill And Stocks Could Be In Trouble

there’s quite a bit of opposition to Canada’s recreational marijuana legalization efforts, and it could wind up pushing Trudeau’s legislation off the table altogether.

Though Canada’s current government make-up could reasonably be described as “progressive,” conservative members of Parliament could make legalization far more challenging than people and investors realize.

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there’s quite a bit of opposition to Canada’s recreational marijuana legalization efforts, and it could wind up pushing Trudeau’s legislation off the table altogether.

Though Canada’s current government make-up could reasonably be described as “progressive,” conservative members of Parliament could make legalization far more challenging than people and investors realize.

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Another primary issue involves how impairment for drivers behind the wheel will be measured. Though there are a handful of companies developing breathalyzer tests that can detect levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis, in drivers, there are no baselines to describe what would be considered an unacceptable level of impairment. For instance, a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher in the U.S. is considered impaired for a driver. There aren’t any guidelines for marijuana use, which makes resolving the concerns of lawmakers exceptionally challenging.

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If Canada is unable to get its recreational weed bill passed into law, Canadian marijuana stocks, which have risen considerably in anticipation of an expected legalization, could quickly lose the wind from their sails. The four, in particular, that are at greatest risk of having their valuations take a hit are Canopy Growth Corp. Aphria, Aurora Cannabis and MedReleaf.

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Health Canada also announced changes to its medical cannabis program in May that could have negative implications for the four Canadian marijuana stocks listed above. Health Canada plans to issue additional growing licenses, as well as allow existing producers to pack their vaults with supply, assuming it can be done safely and securely. In other words, it sounds as if extra competition and supply are on the verge of flooding the Canadian market. That’s not good news for any of these four companies.

Long story short, Canadian marijuana stock investors may soon wind up sorely disappointed.

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Toronto Police Raid Canna Clinic Marijuana Dispensaries

Police have conducted raids on at least two marijuana dispensaries operated in Toronto by Canna Clinics. The raids happened mid-morning at the B.C.-based company’s stores on Queen St. W. and Kensington Ave.

Canna Clinics has seven locations in Toronto. Toronto police did not immediately confirm how many of the company’s dispensaries had been raided.

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A bar owner near the Kensington clinic said police came around 10 a.m. Customers were let go before police closed the store.

Officers at the scene said they were going to arrest the staff members and seize all illegal drugs. A number of people who appeared to be employees were seen leaving the store around midday. One was crying, and others looked defeated and resigned.

At the Queen St. W. store, Det. Darren Worth said nine employees were detained. Worth said all of them had been arrested, and that police would seize “all the illegal drugs” and the proceeds from sales. Customers continued to arrive at the store while the raid was underway, but were turned away by police.

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A man who was working there when police arrived said the officers seized all the staff members’ phones, and didn’t return them when the workers were released.

“I think it’s a big waste of time and money,” said the employee, who would only identify himself as Derek. Staff members leaving the Queen St. store said they expected it would be open again by tomorrow.

“We do know we take a risk by working here,” said Laura Glatt, who has been working at the clinic for about a month. “Me personally, I’m all for the risk because I believe in the medicinal aspect of it.”

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Glatt said she understands the police officers are just doing their job, but thinks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs a better strategy as Canada moves toward legalization of marijuana. “All that’s happening right now is people are getting hurt.”

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Personally she uses marijuana for depression, sleeping disorder and eating disorder. She said it will be “maybe a couple of days” before the store reopens.

“I just think it’s sort of ridiculous, a waste of resources.”

Nevada Can Begin To Sell Recreational Marijuana Early

Nevada is about to get a whole lot more sweet and HIGH! With the legalization of Marijuana slowly looming over the nation, licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in good standing with the state of Nevada can begin selling marijuana for recreational purposes as early as July 1, the state tax board voted Monday.

The Nevada Tax Commission voted and it was approved that temporary licenses for shops that qualify can start selling recreational marijuana as early as July 1 instead of January. Giving the state Department of Taxation time to test the regulations before the program goes into full effect in 2018.

Marijuana retailers must have state and local licenses to operate. Most Nevada counties have yet to approve their own regulations for the Adult-use retail market. When it is done, adults in the state will be able to legally purchase up to an ounce of weed. The law in Nevada will also allow up to six Marijuana plants to be grown for personal use.

For all the people who have been waiting for the end of prohibition of Marijuana were concerned about the legalization of weed under President Trump. While he was running, Trump said he was supportive of medical marijuana “100 percent” and would respect states’ rights on the issue. But his selection of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, an anti-marijuana hard-liner, was troubling to those who favor progressive drug laws.


Marijuana is the most common illicit substance in the U.S. and the amount of states that are joining the cult of legalizing marijuana is making our fight stronger. National support for legalizing the plant has dramatically risen in the last couple years. Reaching historic highs in multiple polls. However marijuana is still illegal in under federal law.

The laws in Canada are due to change on the Nations birthday of next year. Living in Vancouver, people are more excited then ever. Will it happen? You tell me…


100 Years of Prohibition….why?

It’s been 94 years exactly that marijuana has been illegal. Almost a century has gone by and till this day no one knows why it was pronounced illegal. A professor of the history department at the University of Guelph said there is 2 common theories that people have explained in old books or films.

Carstairs believes marijuana was made illegal by government bureaucrats without much thought, who felt the drug was coming under increasing international scrutiny as a drug that one day need to be regulated.

By 1922 a number of U.S. states had already introduced legislation against the drug and I think Canada was sort of following international guidelines and added marijuana to the schedule of restricted drugs without a great deal of debate.

There is no record of it ever being discussed in parliament, I think the only reason it was  added to the illegal list is because it was being discussed at international meetings with world leaders.

Carstairs adds that while federal law makers barely knew about the existence of pot, it wasn’t something the average Canadian knew much about either. There was almost no marijuana use in Canada at the time. It boggles the mind that they made it illegal.

Canada, which is a huge surprise, was one of the first countries in the world to ban the flower. The law was not really forced in the first 10 years or so. However in the late 1930s is when police really cracked down on cannabis use. It was the USA that put Canada under pressure to start forcing the law. RCMP fanned out across the nation to stop cannabis use.

At the time, hemp was a common sight on farms across the country, where it often grew wild and was often used by farmers not as a drug, but as a windbreak to protect crops and prevent soil erosion.

Now here we are, nearly 100 years later, and marijuana is still illegal but they’re not as harsh as they once were. The federal government is now wanting to legalize it. Will they do it? Only time will tell. However, this marijuana smoker believes cannabis is the best plant god created and the fact that something so herbal and natural is banned is ridiculous. Tell me what you think.

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67 pounds of Weed found in Coffin

You read the heading correctly. When I first read this article I could not believe what I read. This guy near a city named Tombstone was stopped by Willcox Border Patrol. Driving a bright white hearse the man could not get his story right. I guess he was mixing up his words or maybe stuttered. So the customs agents decided to pull him to the side. Little did they realize they would find 67 pounds of weed in coffin.

The name of the man who dared to take $38,000 worth of weed across a border was not released. The arrest was made but they haven’t released any information what his punishment would be.

Which brings me to the point of why buying marijuana online is very important. If someone driving a hearse can get questioned and pulled over doesn’t that scare the shit out of you? It did for me!

Ordering marijuana online in Canada is very simple. Now you can just log on to buy weed online and be able to place an order as if you were buying clothes.

Buying products such as Marijuana, Hash, Shatter, Dabs etc. Anything is available on the net you just always need to make sure that the source is trust worthy.

Do your due diligence, do some research make sure that the company seems legit. Make sure they have a contact phone number and contact the Customer Service Department. If they don’t have one I would personally never buy from them.

Going back to the story of this guy. He had 67 pounds of weed stored in 2 different coffins and all in the back. It wasn’t even hidden it was just packed in the back. I guess he thought they wouldn’t even question him because he was in a hearse.

Buy Weed Online is the way of the future for Marijuana.

Buy Weed Online

Yes, you read the article heading correctly. Buy Weed Online is the newest way to purchase marijuana. Not only that but its the safest and most reliable way to buying marijuana. I use to always have to meet this sketchy dealer in a parking lot or some other shady place. It never felt safe, I never knew if my dealer was coming or a huge swat team raiding my car. It was a scary and uneasy feeling every time I wanted to buy weed. I buy weed to relax and calm my nerves, not to do the other way around.

With the uncertainty of the legalization of weed, pot smokers are getting more and more impatient as to abiding by the law. Why should they? They have been told over and over again that Weed will be legal.

Marijuana smokers are now turning to the Internet to purchase marijuana. You can now buy weed online and have it delivered right to your front door. Imagine that, order from your laptop on your couch while your watching sports highlights and have it delivered right to you. Guaranteed!

A lot of people purchase from a marijuana dispensary. Something I haven’t done before. Why would I want too? Being on there Camera records forever, never know if the police are going to raid the place etc. It’s a scary thought to think that you may get seen or have records of you purchasing marijuana while it’s legal.

While we sit here and wait for our government to twiddle there thumbs and wait for something that may never happen, I am giving cannabis smokers a different alternative. Allowing smokers to purchase marijuana from there own homes and have it delivered right to there front door. It’s not rocket science, everyone has access to internet in some way. Being able to order cannabis online and pay with Debit or Credit Card is the way of the future.

Welcome to the 21st century. Buy Weed Online is here to stay and is service pot smokers Canada Wide for the last 5 years!

The Truth About Marijuana Legalization In Canada

Justin Trudeau Legalizing Marijuana

Why isn’t Marijuana legal yet?? The million dollar question every Canadian Citizen is waiting for the answer too. Justin Trudeau has promised Canadians since he stepped into office that recreational marijuana would be legal.

His approach has been that legalizing it will make it harder for younger Canadians, mostly teenagers, to have access to it. As of right now the Prime Minister’s biggest worry is that a teenager can buy a joint a lot easier then a bottle of beer.

My question is if Justin Trudeau legalized Marijuana wouldn’t it be a lot more controlled? What is he waiting for? Imagine a Pot Shop. Must be over a certain age, 2 pieces of ID required etc. Just like a liquor store. Right now it’s hard for a teenager to buy beer because you have these government (and private) liquor stores that follow the Law. It’s easier to buy a joint because anyone could be selling in on a street corner. No one is out there on a street corner selling Hard Liquor or cases of Beer.

So in the pot smokers eye Justin Trudeau legalizing Marijuana is awesome and he himself must be praised.

HOWEVER, this is the Government of Canada we are speaking about. Nothing is just that easy. They released what would be the laws that come with it. Cannabis users are not happy about this one. Supposedly you’re not able to carry a certain amount at a time and that is why pot smokers are furious!

They call it The Prohibition Part 2. They are calling it another Liberal Scam. They are calling it everything possible. One thing that they’re not calling it is a miracle. As he discusses it more and more its almost certain that he would like nothing more to legalize it with all these strict laws.


Justin Trudeau Legalizing Marijuana

In the last 2-3 months dispensaries around Canada have been getting shut down. In Montreal, Marijuana activist Marc Emery, opened and then forced to close 8 dispensaries. In Toronto recently Police were called and told to shut down dispensaries all around the city. It was a huge inconvenience said a lot of residents.

Is this something that could have been avoided totally? A lot of residents and business owners that live and work near there say yes. Why let them open it in the first place. They took offices and store fronts that other businesses could have opened there. It was a mess that just wasn’t necessary.

Remember when Justin Trudeau was running for office? He clearly stated that Marijuana Dispensaries should be allowed to stay open. Now he openly has said that he wants to criminally charge every dispensary out there. I firmly believe that everyone that voted, supported and worked there ass off to have him as our Prime Minister feels some what cheated. If only this had been said or clear in the first place that this would have been the outcome a lot of people wouldn’t have voted for him. Well i know the pot smokers wouldn’t.

What do you feel about our Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau Legalizing Marijuana?

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