Nevada Sells Out Of Legal Weed

Less than two weeks after sales of recreational marijuana kicked off in Nevada, stores are running out of pot to sell, according to the state’s Department of Taxation.

On Friday, Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed the department’s call for a “statement of emergency,” which would allow for more licensed distributors.

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There were 50 Dispensaries in the state that have licenses to legally sell recreational marijuana. However those retailers do not have the legal right to re stock there own inventory. Only wholesalers of alcohol have the exclusive rights to move marijuana from growers to retailers in Nevada, as part of a temporary court order.

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Nevada is the only state with legal marijuana that has such an arrangement.

As of Friday, the Department of Taxation had issued zero distribution licenses to alcohol wholesalers, because of incomplete applications and zoning issues, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

Dispensaries started selling the marijuana they had in stock on July 1. Several establishments had expected to run out in the coming days.

A statement of emergency could bring relief. The regulation would allow the department to issue distribution licenses to a larger pool of applicants, including those outside the alcohol business. The Nevada Tax Commission is expected to vote on the regulation on Thursday.

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The state of Nevada should have no problem finding dispensaries that would want to sell recreational marijuana. I would assume there is a line up of people/store owners who would love to have the chance to sell. I believe there was 50 licensed who were given the opportunity, I imagine that the others on the list are still waiting anxiously.

Stephanie Klapstein, a spokeswoman for the Department of Taxation, told the Reno Gazette-Journal that a collapsed marijuana market would have far-reaching consequences. A 15% tax on the cultivation of marijuana generates revenue that the state spends on public education.

“A halt in this market will lead to a hole in the state’s school budget,”

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When Weed Is Legal, Can I Smoke A Joint Anywhere?

I am a long-time closeted cannabis user and I am looking forward to the legalization of pot next summer. But until then, my question has to do with my rights as a home owner and a pot smoker versus the rights of my neighbour to not smell said marijuana. Now, I don’t spend the whole day out there smoking, just one joint here or there. Yesterday afternoon, they smelled my J and proceeded to speak loudly to each other within earshot of me as to how rude this is. Is it rude Dave? Am I allowed to indulge in a smoke in my own yard? Legalization is going to change how much smoke you smell walking down the street, I think it’s already changed. Whether we want it or not it’s coming … stinky smoke and all. Who’s got the right though?

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Once it becomes legal weed smoke will be flowing through the air. I believe that over the next few decades that frowned upon look will slowly go away and people wont be so rude when they smell it. You think I like inhaling and smelling your cigarette smell while im trying to enjoy myself?? Hell NO!! But I don’t say what i’m feeling when people smoke. No because its legal you have your own right to do whatever you like. Just like me.

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When you think about it, weed is just like alcohol in terms of how it was illegal for so long and then it became legal and the industry absolutely blew up! Brewers and producers have produced good product. Is that what it will be like? Will there be a Molson Canadian Weed? Heiniken Marijuana?

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Funny to think that it can happen. Why would it be any different?? It can be the evolution of what we can expect in the next 100 years.

Check out For Rules and Restrictions


Justin Trudeau Legalizing Marijuana

It’s been 100 years. 100 years of prohibition on Marijuana. A Prohibition in which no one knows or understands why it was prohibited in the first place. A plant that has done wonders for medical patients suffering from pain, anxiety, parkinsons, insomnia, stress, upset stomach etc. Why Prohibit something that has always done good?

As soon as Justin Trudeau came into office he had said that he was going to follow the USA and start the process of legalizing Marijuana. We are 1 year and 15 days away from history. We are 1 year and 15 days away from the legalization of Marijuana!

Justin Trudeau To Legalize Weed in Canada

But before American youngsters crash  Canada’s immigration website again, Trudeau warned the drug is still illegal until the legislation passes. “Until we have a framework to control and regulate marijuana, the current laws apply,” he said earlier this month. And legalization will have strict federal guidelines.

The federal government will oversee the supply and license producers, but provinces will regulate the drug’s distribution, sale, and prices. There will also be a limit of four plants per household. The national age for buying marijuana will be 18, but provinces can boost the age limit as they see fit.

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But law enforcement groups voiced concerns about legalization. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police released a response in February outlining “concerns with regards to impaired driving and impact on organized crime.” It added “public education is critical and should begin immediately” as the government paves the way for legalization.

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Trudeau’s push for legalization caught political flak from other parties, even parties on the left who fear it could turn into another one of Trudeau’s broken promises. “I do not believe Justin Trudeau is going to bring in the legalization of marijuana and as proof that … we are still seeing, particularly young Canadians being criminalized by simple possession of marijuana,” said British Columbia MP Peter Julian of the left-leaning New Democratic Party.

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The Cavaliers’ Locker Room Definitely Smelled Like Weed After Game 2

Yes you read that right LOL

The NBA is almost done its playoffs with Game 4 being tonight between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. It may look like a 4-0 sweep for the Warriors as they look to perfect there playoff winning ways to 16-0. Something I don’t think has ever been done before.

As you can probably imagine the Cleveland Cavaliers must be under a lot a stress. Being the defending champions and beating the very team they did last year after a 3-1 deficit. I don’t think the same will happen this year as Golden State is looking to strong.


So when you’re the defending NBA Champions and your getting your ass kicked 3-0 in the series I think there’s a part of you that would need to relax and take some stress off.

Whats the best way to do that?? Smoke some weed. After game 2 when the cavaliers got whooped, several reporters had left the locker room saying there was a definite smell of marijuana.

The first reporter who had smelled it was a ESPN rep Mike Wise. Who tweeted about it later and then in another tweet clarified that he didn’t know who or where it came from but that it wasn’t a dead skunk.


“There are two doors to that locker room, said Windhorst. “And there were three times as much media there. There are some questionable media dudes hanging around the Finals, is all I’m going to say. I did smell marijuana but I have no idea where it came from.”

If indeed it was a player (or players, plural) partaking in a post-game toke, Twitter highlighted a potential suspect in the case, which we can neither confirm or deny.

If that’s what it takes to keep your mind relaxed and focused on Game 4, by all means do what you have to do. But as someone who has been in those post-game scrums, there are plenty of suspects in the media who you could point the finger at as well, they’re just a lot lower profile than the guys who are on the court.

The source of Cleveland’s reefer madness will go unknown for now, but at the very least, they’ll have to hope the series doesn’t end in a sweep the next game is tonight in Ohio, where weed is still very much illegal.


Oregon Vineyard Gives Marijuana Farming A Try.

Bill and Barbara Steele are a married couple who have moved to Oregon to start there very own Wine Vineyard. After being successful in their own careers and now being very successful in the wine vineyard game they have now decided to grow Marijuana.

Will it be as successful as there vineyard? Who knows and only time will tell said Bill. Making Marijuana legal in Oregon 2 years ago paved the way for farmers to experiment with the plant. Recreational Marijuana is set to be legal as of next year and other farmers like Bill and Barbara are joining the movement. “Anyone in the marijuana industry is going to be laughing with money” said Barbara. As the industry grows and the estimated worth of the industry is projected to be $22,000,000,000 everyone is trying to get in.


“Baby boomers are drinking less. Millennials are coming into their time, economically, where in 2016 they were the fastest-growing consumers of wine, both in dollars and volume,” said Barbara Steele, who runs Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden in rural Jacksonville with her husband.

The Steeles leased there land to grow 30 marijuana plants last year and are now doubling the amount for this year. They’re also going to be branding the marijuana with the same name as there wine.


This year’s crop also is for medical use, but the Steeles are seeing the benefits of the expanding market from legal recreational marijuana. Their marijuana was reviewed alongside one of their white wines in Stoner Magazine, an Oregon cannabis publication.

It’s hard to know exactly how many in the wine industry are looking at cannabis here, but there’s plenty of buzz surrounding the subject.


Some vineyards are ripping out portions of grapes in favor of marijuana plants or leasing land to private growers. Others are talking about wine-and-weed tourism, including high-end shuttles that would stop at local wineries for tastings and at marijuana farms for glimpses of how marijuana is prepared for market.