Justin Trudeau Legalizing Marijuana

It’s been 100 years. 100 years of prohibition on Marijuana. A Prohibition in which no one knows or understands why it was prohibited in the first place. A plant that has done wonders for medical patients suffering from pain, anxiety, parkinsons, insomnia, stress, upset stomach etc. Why Prohibit something that has always done good?

As soon as Justin Trudeau came into office he had said that he was going to follow the USA and start the process of legalizing Marijuana. We are 1 year and 15 days away from history. We are 1 year and 15 days away from the legalization of Marijuana!

Justin Trudeau To Legalize Weed in Canada

But before American youngsters crash  Canada’s immigration website again, Trudeau warned the drug is still illegal until the legislation passes. “Until we have a framework to control and regulate marijuana, the current laws apply,” he said earlier this month. And legalization will have strict federal guidelines.

The federal government will oversee the supply and license producers, but provinces will regulate the drug’s distribution, sale, and prices. There will also be a limit of four plants per household. The national age for buying marijuana will be 18, but provinces can boost the age limit as they see fit.

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But law enforcement groups voiced concerns about legalization. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police released a response in February outlining “concerns with regards to impaired driving and impact on organized crime.” It added “public education is critical and should begin immediately” as the government paves the way for legalization.

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Trudeau’s push for legalization caught political flak from other parties, even parties on the left who fear it could turn into another one of Trudeau’s broken promises. “I do not believe Justin Trudeau is going to bring in the legalization of marijuana and as proof that … we are still seeing, particularly young Canadians being criminalized by simple possession of marijuana,” said British Columbia MP Peter Julian of the left-leaning New Democratic Party.

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Senate Responds Back To Jeff Sessions Which Will End Marijuana Prohibition!

Congress took a step toward easing its stance on medical marijuana on Thursday.

U.S. Sens. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Corey Booker (D-New Jersey) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) introduced a bill that would end the federal prohibition of medical marijuana and take steps to improve research.

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The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States, or CARERS, Act would effectively change the Controlled Substances Act, allowing the possession, production and distribution of medical marijuana in states with established marijuana laws.

Jeff Sessions came out yesterday and made an announcement wanting to end the search for Medical Marijuana. Why he is so against it I am not sure. There is probably someone in the background who controls all this who wants them to not end the Medical Marijuana prohibition.

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Twenty-nine states, as well as the District of Columbia, have already legalized marijuana, but the CARERS Act would prevent the federal government from prosecuting businesses and individuals in states where medical marijuana is legal, since federally marijuana is still illegal under the Controlled Substances Act.

Yesterday the senate passed a bill increasing sanctions on Russia for interfering with our election and blocked trump from lifting sanctions.

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Today they show Sessions what they think of his nonsense.

The Senate has been a green light for Medical Marijuana. It seems as though it is just Jeff Sessions that has the problem with the whole thing. He stated that marijuana is more addicting and harmful than heroin.

Where does he get his facts and information from??

Sessions asked Congress in May to allow the Justice Department to prosecute businesses and individuals in states with medical marijuana laws

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Former Marijuana Officer and Entrepreneur Busted In Drug Trafficking

A former Colorado marijuana enforcement officer and a marijuana entrepreneur are among those accused of being involved with a large trafficking ring that shipped pot out of state.

Former pot officer Renee Rayton, Scott Pack and two growers were indicted June 7 by a grand jury, joining 16 others indicted in connection with the ring in March. Pack’s businesses had marijuana licenses but allegedly never made a legal sale, serving instead as a front for the trafficking operation.


Investigators say Rayton, a former Pitkin County sheriff’s deputy, was hired away from her job at the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division in the fall of 2016 by Pack to work as a compliance consultant for $8,000 a month for six months. Rayton, whose job at the state included inspecting warehouses for compliance with regulations, allegedly refused to say where she was going and was earning money from the operation within about two weeks of leaving, according to the indictment. State licensing policies require regulators to wait six months before working in industries they once regulated.

Rayton, who was arrested and released on bond, and Pack, who is wanted for arrest, could not be reached for comment.


The ring allegedly shipped pot to Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota and Missouri because investigators say many of those involved had personal and business connections in those states.

Investigators say the marijuana was grown across Colorado but most came from warehouses and farms in Colorado Springs, Denver and Elizabeth, a small town between those cities.


It’s pretty simple to build a weed empire when you’re the officer in that industry. You know the producers, the dealers, the buyers etc. Its very simple from that aspect. With Marijuana being such a massive industry its no wonder that people are flocking more towards it. Being a business professional and starting a legal licensed company is probably the best way to do it. That way you have 1 foot through the door already.

Smoking Marijuana and Playing Sports. Does it help?

Often the question comes up. Can Marijuana enhance your level of play on the court, field, ice etc. The answer is really up to you. How is your mind going to handle Cannabis in the brain and soul when you’re playing at fast pace and trying to think about your next play.

When I was 19 I was a pretty good soccer player. Don’t mean to brag but I was pretty damn good. Never in all my years of playing at that time did I think I was smoke a joint or get high before a game. Until one day when I was at home and I was about to leave for my game. I found a joint I had in my car and just lit it up. It was a really nice strain. Cannot remember what it was. Anyways I got to the game 15 mins before the start. I warmed up on the field and realized that I was baked out of my trees!


The whistle blew and the game was under way. Now at first everything was a little overwhelming but after 5 minutes I adjusted to it. I then got confident and asked for the ball. I was thinking about plays 2 steps before and it made me a threat. I was conducting passes and doing things ive never even thought of. I guess that confidence was there and I had an attitude like I didn’t care what anyone was going to think and if I failed then who cares. I played a fantastic game, one of my best ever.

I guess if you smoke it and then get all paranoid or start to think about the worst case scenario then it might not be great for you. Its all how you let the drug take over. However I will say I did do it before a few more games and the same effect was not there. So I haven’t done it since. I did however do it a couple years ago and it was not a great idea. I was slow and confused and not in the best state of mind.


For some, that creativity will stay with them. There has been rumours that NBA basketball players have been known to do it and that they were creative once smoking weed before the game.

I think maybe a sativa would help. Giving you more energy and helping you be more creative would help while your in a game. However I also think that when your younger it is easier to smoke and still have all that energy to play a full game without coughing your lungs out.

Ricky Williams was a running back for the Miami Dolphins who openly smoked weed and eventually was unable to play in the NFL. The National Football Association is very strict with there laws on drugs with the players.


If it helps you and continues to help you then by all means go on and smoke up and play your heart out. If you notice your game is going downhill and you look like me trying to solve a word puzzel in the newspaper then i would stop.

The Cavaliers’ Locker Room Definitely Smelled Like Weed After Game 2

Yes you read that right LOL

The NBA is almost done its playoffs with Game 4 being tonight between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. It may look like a 4-0 sweep for the Warriors as they look to perfect there playoff winning ways to 16-0. Something I don’t think has ever been done before.

As you can probably imagine the Cleveland Cavaliers must be under a lot a stress. Being the defending champions and beating the very team they did last year after a 3-1 deficit. I don’t think the same will happen this year as Golden State is looking to strong.


So when you’re the defending NBA Champions and your getting your ass kicked 3-0 in the series I think there’s a part of you that would need to relax and take some stress off.

Whats the best way to do that?? Smoke some weed. After game 2 when the cavaliers got whooped, several reporters had left the locker room saying there was a definite smell of marijuana.

The first reporter who had smelled it was a ESPN rep Mike Wise. Who tweeted about it later and then in another tweet clarified that he didn’t know who or where it came from but that it wasn’t a dead skunk.


“There are two doors to that locker room, said Windhorst. “And there were three times as much media there. There are some questionable media dudes hanging around the Finals, is all I’m going to say. I did smell marijuana but I have no idea where it came from.”

If indeed it was a player (or players, plural) partaking in a post-game toke, Twitter highlighted a potential suspect in the case, which we can neither confirm or deny.

If that’s what it takes to keep your mind relaxed and focused on Game 4, by all means do what you have to do. But as someone who has been in those post-game scrums, there are plenty of suspects in the media who you could point the finger at as well, they’re just a lot lower profile than the guys who are on the court.

The source of Cleveland’s reefer madness will go unknown for now, but at the very least, they’ll have to hope the series doesn’t end in a sweep the next game is tonight in Ohio, where weed is still very much illegal.